Discord Rules

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In addition to the Social Contract, the Discord Rules of Conduct:

  • 1. Be respectful of other users.

A) No insulting or derogatory behavior towards other players or discord users.

B) Racism, sexism, homophobia, and similar are never acceptable, even as a joke.

C) No baiting.

D) Moderate swearing is fine, swearing at people is not. Profanity may put others on defensive and escalate conflict, so know your audience.

E) Assume the best in others.

  • 2. Discord is for out-of-character discussions only. Nothing said on the server should be known by your character.

A) Players are not their characters. No attacking people for their characters' decisions, ie "you started this war", "you killed me" are unacceptable. Refer to characters and families in third-person. No attempting to persuade other players of your own character's perspective. Keep those persuasion attempts in-game.

B) Discussion of Titan decisions is fine; unconstructive complaining, whining, and undermining are not.

C) The Moderators have jurisdiction over the Discord server *only*. All game-related concerns should be referred to the Titans.

D) Open discussion of in-game rules violations will be censored until a Titan decision is made. The Titans have final say in such cases and debate over right/wrong is unproductive. Let the Titans determine the appropriate response.

  • 3. Avoid spoilers. When discussing in-game events, avoid mentioning events that are currently happening within the last month or are in-progress that would not be known by everyone on the continent. We have a spoilers channel. Discord has spoilers tags. Use them.

A) Discussion topics should be relevant to their channel. Brief off-topic discussions are fine, prolonged off-topic discussion will be moved.

B) Do not spam channels with rapid-fire gifs, images, messages, or other media that limits the ability of other users to participate in conversation.

  • 4. The Moderators have complete editorial control and may delete posts or temporarily mute users that violate these server rules.

A) Interpretation of the rules is up to Moderators, not users. Adhere to Moderator Statements.

B) A Moderator may mute a problem user until the issue is resolved. The muted user will be unable to communicate in any channel, but can read text channels and listen to voice channels. They will be placed in a #dungeon channel, where they may communicate with the Moderators to resolve the matter. Once it's resolved, they will be released back into the community.

C) Users attempting to enforce rules (aka Backseat Moderating), or suggesting that a rule is being broken, is not acceptable. The moderators and admins are solely responsible for rule enforcement on the server. Ping the mods if you feel a rule has been violated.