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Please do not attempt to delete pages yourself. Do not "blank" a page. That does not get rid of the contents, as it is still available from the page History tab. Only wiki editors can truly delete a page.

If a page to which you are the sole (or chief) contributor already has a history and/or you have a really good reason for thinking it should be removed, you can request that a page be deleted. Just add the Template:Delete template to a page that you are suggesting to delete. This lets other readers know that it is being considered for deletion, otherwise they have no way of knowing without looking at this page. See Category:Deletion for pages that have been marked in this fashion.

If for some reason you cannot edit the page, or you think it needs to be discussed first, then post here to request that one of the editors delete the page. When adding pages to this list, please give a reason. Syntax should be "*[[Wiki page]] - Reason here, see [[Reference Article]]". E.g. "*[[Main Page]] - it is a stain upon our community, needs to be got rid of before people get the wrong idea. --~~~~"

Remember to put an asterisk at the beginning of each request and then sign them by using the following wiki code: --~~~~


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