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This section of the BM Wiki is dedicated to Might & Fealty, which is the game Tom Vogt worked on from approximately 2012 through 2016. It remains in active community development to this day, with the vast majority of it being handled by Andrew Gwynn.

Core Concepts

Might & Fealty does borrow a lot from what was learned from the then 12 years of BM development, and it's core concepts can be boiled down to:

  • Freedom of Choice -- If it makes sense as something you can do, and it's not too complex to add, you can do it.
  • Complex Politics -- Realms, or countries, can be made up of multiple sub-divisions of governance, all the way from an Empire down the to lowest landed lord serving a Baron. Any and all of these can have their own diplomatic relations and politics.
  • Full Map Simulation -- Powered by QuantimGIS, the in-game map is capable of the same level of detail that you find in major map applications, like Google Maps. Everything from characters to towns to dungeons are all modeled on this map, to varying degrees, meaning you always know exactly where you are in relation to the rest of the game.

Major Differences

If you're interested but really want to know the differences, we've boiled them down for you. Compared to BattleMaster, Might & Fealty has:

  • A single continuous world -- No resets, no "islands", and an event tracking system that tracks major events for every entity in the game.
  • No restriction on unit types -- Want to lead half mounted, half infantry or 30 archers, 10 light cavalry, and 20 spearmen? We can do that.
  • More defined hierarchies -- From top to bottom, you can find yourself part of an empire, kingdom, principality, duchy, march, county, or baron, all of which can be part of a higher level realm, and they don't always have to agree with each other.
  • No character classes -- Want to lead hundreds of soldiers while carrying hundreds of units of food for trade? Have at.
  • Relationships -- The game will track not only who you're married to, but any children that are or are not from that particular relationship, all of which you, or other players, control.
  • Less magic -- BattleMaster is, at the moment, a higher fantasy game. This is expected to change somewhat in the future, but there's no plans for scrolls or magic to be added outside of game events or game master actions.
  • No skills -- Another thing that is subject to change soon, Might & Fealty has no formal skill system. All characters are considered equal, at the moment.
  • All characters can be killed -- While you can't die of old age in Might & Fealty, you can very easily die in battle or be executed by your captors.
  • No "mobs" -- If you're under attack, it's not going to be from an in-game mechanic. Those soldiers attacking you are being lead by another player.

Learn More

If you're reading this, you've either skipped to the end of the page or are still curious. We're going to assume the latter. In such case, we recommend you try the game out: Might & Fealty.

Alternatively, you can either hit up Kagurati#4938 on the BattleMaster Discord or on the Lemuria Community Discord. He's the main developer and, if he's not otherwise busy, happy to answer questions!