D'Orvis Family

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The family D'Orvis was recently relieved of a large burden when the father of Guirac and the fair Charone passed from this world. A little while later, their cousin Kaled came of age in Sirion on the East Continent.

Guirac and Charone are now free to enter Atamara, after the odious duties that were their lot during their father's lifetime.


After wandering aimlessly, and largely liegeless, for sometime Guirac and Charone set off in very different directions.

Guirac accepted the kind offer of the Lady Katheryn Larkspur (Countess of Ixcan) to become a Knight of Ixcan. Guirac raised an infantry group and took part valiantly in several battles. However, soon after the Lady Katheryn abdicated from Ixcan Guirac's fortunes took a turn for the worse.

On the campaign against Falasan, Guirac's men became very despondent and mutinied over pay, conditions and being so far from home. With that, and the low rapport he had with the new Ixcan noble who replaced the Countess, Guirac decided to move to Beluaterra where his story is yet to unfold.

Guirac joined Enweil and is currently a Knight of Pahk, under CT Usurper who kindly took Guirac's oath.

Guirac eventually tired of the to-and-fro with the Daemons and ventured to The Colonies in the realm of Alowca. Guirac was present at the Fall of Alowca, and was sickened by the Ori contempt for a grand realm.

Guirac journeyed from there to Fontan where he has recently been taken on as a Knight of Dale.


Charone continued wandering aimlessly and fecklessly to Darka... where her tale continues. After her wanderings, the messengers from Jaime Lannister, Viscount of Xotaxa, came to her with news of a position in the Viscount's army. Charone, who had been toying with the idea of being a merchant, was accepted into the army and did reasonably well for herself in her first major outing: the Falasan offensive.


Kaled's first battle in Sirion was a low point. His men were routed and he was imprisoned. After some consideration, he decided to ally himself with Fontan. Very quickly he became enamored of the democracy and, under the patronage of Lorrie Furion Archbane, Marquis of Tokat, he was a relatively successful knight.

However, as the Madness of Gregor created the Confederacy of Fontan, Kaled was traveling towards Tokat when he was captured by the Confederates and imprisoned again. He is currently trying desperately to contact his liege and make good his escape.

Kaled escaped, only to have Tokat usurped by trickery. Finding himself vassal to Caligus, he challenged the usurping cur Cartor to a duel. The cur Cartor refused the duel.

Kaled fled his adopted Tokat, and was seized by the Knights of Viseu. The Marchioness of Viseu, Syntia Deron, was gracious enough to offer Kaled an oath, which he accepted.