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The History of Nosferatus

Many years ago the Nosferatus Family was an old family of wealthy local landowners and traders until the day that Fontan occupied Tokat, threw organized guerrilla warfare and sabotage, the people of Tokat fought back.
Wladimir Nosferatus was the leader of this underground network of Saboteur's, armed peasants and wealthy citizens of Tokat.
For a long time it proofed successful, Fontan kept sending forces to Tokat because they where afraid of massive riots leading to anarchy.
But these sucses weren't without all without cost...

After years of Resistance, Wladimir was Executed at the town square in front of his three sons (Pierre Reynald, Vlad and Grego) and the others left of the Nosferatus family that where spared by Fontan.
Vlad, as a fifteen year old man powered by hate and anger took over the leadership of those who stood against Fontan.
With the help of Caligus and Perdan, Tokat was liberated and with Fontan's surrender the region was eventually handed to Caligus.
That day, Vlad and Grego decided to serve under the Caligan throne.
Pierre chooses a different path then both and decided to travel, see the world, get his thoughts of this family drama.

Every of Wladimir sons bloodlines have there own story to tell you, they all walk a different path leading to which may eventually calm the pain what's still deep inside of them, you can read there individual life stories below.

One Day the entire family perished with no living heir to there bloodline, throne or duchy in a mysterious and bloody family confrontation. Which can be read here.

Family Tree and Fame box

                                               Zladninov Nosferatus(Dead)
                                           Isabel of Aestus(Unknown family)(Dead)        
                                 ________________________/ \_____________________
                                /                         |                      \
                        Eylnov Nosferatus(Dead) Wladimir Nosferatus(Dead)  Anna Nosferatus(Dead)
                                              Yris, dochter of Nanitche(Dead)              
                                       __________________/ \__________________
                                      /                   |                   \
                            Grego Nosferatus(Dead) Vlad Nosferatus(Dead) Pierre Reynald Nosferatus (Alive)
                                                     Veni Son(Missing)          
                                                 ________/ \_________
                                                /                    \
                                       Iwann Nosferatus (Dead)    Sea Nosferatus(Alive)

Fame of the Nosferatus Family

FB Ruler.png
Ruler: 0th Day
(Vlad) (Grego)
FB Ruler.png
Ruler: 10th Day
(Vlad) (Grego)
FB Ruler.png
Ruler: 100th Day
FB General.png
(Grego) (Vlad)
FB Judge.png
FB Banker.png
(Pierre Reynald)
FB Duke.png
FB Lord.png
(Vlad) (Pierre) (Ygor)
Sum: 12 points

FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 10
FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 20
FB Wealth.png
Family Wealth: 2000
Sum: 6 points

FB Tournament Champion.png
Tournament Champion
FB Book.png
Book Publication
(Pierre Reynald)
FB Investment.png
Family Investment
(Pierre Reynald)
FB Outcast.png
(Pierre Reynald)
Sum: 6 points

FB Skill.png
Exceptional Skill
(Vlad) Swordfighting

FB Unknown.png

Total: 28 points


Anna Nosferatus Is the Head of the family. Her identity is still vague, The people in Tokat consider her as a Witch because she never leaves the Family Mansion. All though nobody would dare to call her that in public, the people of Tokat have great respect for the Nosferatus family. Mind that Anna has no interests in nobility, She is considered as Noble all though she is not related to any realm.

Lady Anna passed away at an incredible age of 88 after suffering from a deadly decease for several weeks. Before she passed away she send Sir Ygor to watch over Grego. Lady Anna was concerned about Grego's Mental health.

"The Witch"

  • None
    • Head of the Nosferatus Family

King Vlad

This man Is the most Loyal Servant of Caligus within the Family. Sworn to never leave the Lands of The Caligan Kingdom until it fell, made him the only member within the family whom never leaved the lands in exceptions of War.
Vlad's Devotion for his home town, Tokat has been recognised by his Queen, Gwynyth Which appointed him as Marquis of Tokat, Giving Vlad an opportunity to Visit his home town even more.
The months following after his Appointment, Vlad started to climb fairly high into the Caligan Hierarchy.
First the Outer Council, later he Was appointed as Royal Treasurer of Caligus taking one of the biggest responsibilities within the Kingdom.
After A long Time serving as Royal Treasurer and Marquish, Vlad felt he needed a replacement.
He fell for Lady Veni's dangerous charms and now she took over Lordship of Tokat.
After that, Vlad took sometime for him self, and started to see his old friends again.
After a While, Akesh Temple was given to LoF in trade of Peace, but they couldn't hold it for long.
after only a week, the region revolted and joined Caligus again.
Vlad Was appointed Duke to solve this problem and Return it back to the Lofnites once more.

At the last days of the Caligan Kingdom, Vlad followed Lady Gwynyth in her footsteps, and Became the King of Caligus.
Details about the change in power can be read here.

King Vlad eventually failed to achieve his goals by him self. He was the one who made a start in the peace progress between Yssria and Caligus but it was eventually Doombringer, an old Rival of Vlad who went with the honour, stole the throne and signed peace with Yssria. All went well with Caligus and eventually even got there revenge and destroyed Yssria in the Second Caligan Yssrian war who lasted only for a few years. However Vlad couldn't enjoy this glory, he was asked to leave by lady Gwynyth and Doombringers followers and he eventually joined the Light of Fountain, where he was received with open arms and granted various high functions. However Light of Fountain didn't last long, it was destroyed by Fontan and Vlad sought back refugee in Caligus where he was welcomed back by Revelation, High priest and founder of the Sanctus Acies and some of his old friends.

However he discovered that his passion and love for the Kingdom has faded, Nothing was left of what it used to be. Doombringer made a dishonourable mess of it in his eyes and he promised many respectable elders that he would never return to politics so there was nothing he could do. when he heard the first rumours of war between Perdan and Caligus, ancient Allies from even before Vlad's childhood, he sought refugee and peace in a large family mansion in Domus.

In the process of being cast away from the Kingdom, he barley saw his family. Vlad and Veni grow away from each other and Veni eventually ran away with her daughter after a big confrontation around Vlad's maniacal and disturbing behaviour. Iwann and Vlad lived in that Family Maniosn for a few years until Iwann became more and more uncontrollable. They had a fight and Iwann ran away into the woods of Winkamus.

Extremely depressed by all these dreadful windings, Vlad assumably killed him self in his Family Mansion in Domus. He stabbed his sword, the avenger, threw his stomach and left the world even without a farewell. No Funeral Ceremony was held, his body is buried in the Garden of the Nosferatus Family mansion in Tokat.

"Hero of Tokat"

Former titles:

Lord Pierre Reynald

Came to the Far East to find a home, his constant travels threw the East Continent made him rich of knowledge and rich of contacts. There for he was offered a home in the Commenwealth. After serving the Coast for some time, he proofed him self to be a true Lord, so he was granted the gigantic woodland of Edairn. He had close relations with the Local citizens, who where always independent minded. A few years later, internal unrest occurred within the Commonwealth, King Dunpiel went sick, and a power vacuum was created. Shadarim Duke of Taop soon took over command. Thus a new opportunity for Pierre arose, he was granted the Duchy of Taop, the capitol of the Commenwealth. The time before he was apointed and the time following that, was the most hectic and chaotic time ever. Shadarim steped down, Lu'an, Pierres close friend took power, And created the CSS, Coastal Secret Service. The CSS existed for a very long time by then, but no one ever knew of its existence, Until the day that Lu'an the brave was elected, it became a Official police force within the realm, to counter possible rebellions. During Pierre's career as Special agent of the CSS, he made one big mistake, He used his power and abilities to frame AJ, the Royal Treasurer. His actions were in the name of the CSS, and rumours go that it was also planned by the CSS. What ever happened, The New Judge didn't trust it, and Pierre declared him self guilty of the charge. He was banned from the commonwealth, but didn't got enough time to get out of the Coast fast enough. So after a few days, the local police force of Leod attacked Pierre and his followers. Pierre fled to the Lodge, and left his followers behind, his men felt betrayed and attacked the local police office, killing of the entire Police force, and destroyed Governmental structures. Now he lives a quite and peaceful existence in the Lodge, where he felt home since the day he fought for there freedom under the Antozian banner.

The Lunarian war was a long and bloody one, Soliferum conquered Ortedail and later conquered Nighthelm as well. Pierre Joined Principality of Zonasa in the hope of finding support amongst the Zonasans for a war against the Sun Empire. He Failed and eventually took a ship to Atamara in search of finding Ziode, his closest friend from Lunaria. Pierre arrived in a realm called Talerium and Found his friend. shortly after this meeting Pierre Reynald disappeared for the eye of his fellow noblemen. It is still a Mystery what has happened to him, he has been declared death and a grave stone has been placed in Ortedail and Tokat for his remembrance.

After several more years, the grace stones have been removed. Pierre Returned from the darkness to rebuild a stable realm in the southern peninsula of the Far East its call the land of Kindara now and under the leadership of old friends and many new ones as well, Kindara was build.

When Kindara was fully established and gained several duchies, Pierre received his niece, Lady Shae, daughter of Vlad in Ortedail. Shae was suffering from severe forms of stress in here past miltiary career in Beluaterra during the invasion as Both Imperatrix and Marshall of the main army. After a month of meditation and living in solitude, Pierre went with his nieve to Beluaterra to further guide her in her career. As the only potential heir of the family, Shae is very important to the family, Pierre understands this.

During his time in Melhed he also discovered ancient tablets of a past empire, he is translating them into one book. It is rumored to be the discovery of the decade.

"The Traveler"

Former Titles:

Sir Grego

Born In Tokat with his brothers Pierre and Vlad. He was one of the only boys in town who was educated. Because Grego is very good with mathematics, economy and knew how to make a good deal he could quickly earn some money for his school. When Grego grew up he served the Army of Domus and later became the realms trader replacing Quinn's job to provide Avamar with food. His job as trader made him allot of friends and contacts, rising himself to the top of nobility within the EC. Currently he is entangled in a Religion, Since his first Visions about the City of Terra Morte, he is seeking for the Re-establishment of the City. His first attempt failed, after a unsuccessful CTO of Al Arab he was Captured by Ibladeshian troops. For years he was missing, until he was found by his brother, just outside the gates of Domus. He was in a bad condition and almost died of Fever and dehydration. Physical, he survived, but Mentally he didn't, even after 60 days he couldnt remember his own brother. So Vlad took a visit to the Region of Meuse where he met Naira. Vlad entrusted his brother in the hands of a stranger. But for Grego, Naira was everything except for a stranger. Naira was the most important person for Grego, They loved each other from the botom of there hearth's. But even Naira couldnt calm his mind, and soon the inevitable happend, Grego ran off, Propably in search of the Saint Escritas wich layed somewhere in Al Arab. And so he walked right in to the hands of the ibladeshians Police patrol again. Many months passed, and everyone feared for the worst, but Grego Returned. He returned as if a new man. No one could reconize even the slitest bit in the reborn man. And even Grego him self claims to be a diferent person. He calls him self Nun, and his words sound like some kind of a prophecy...

After failing to find the book and reinstating the City of Terra Morte, Grego left the East Continent after a Quick note to his folowers.
He sat off to Belluterra, to a new realm and a new future where he quickly rose into various influential positions, he eventually became General and reorganized the army hierarchy and let several successful campaigns against Enweil and it's city state of Fwuvochor.

During the Third Invasion Grego had to make hard Choices as Fronens Prime Minister he had to deal with massive Deamon, monster and Undead armies controled by mostly intelligent life forms. After First leading a very agresiive campaign against the undead and Monster forces he decided to both pubicly and secretly help The Undead and the Monsters with achieving there objectives in his fear for the Deamons. This costed him and one of the biggest realms of Beluaterra dearly. The Republic of Fronen was destroyed by massive armies of Deamons. Fronen was one of the realms who killed most enemy champions during the invasion and was one of the realms who got attacked by full force. Grego fled in shame to Riombara in hope of reuniting Riombara before reinstating a new Fronen. But the shame became to great and eventually sold his soul to a Deamon master who used Grego to gain information on several eastern realms.

After years going unnoticed possessed Grego disappeared and was found after 3 years of hiding by Sir Ygor. In an epic confrontation, Ygor was killed and Grego vanished...

"The Prophet"

Former Titles:

Sir Ygor Prodizov

Ygor was Wladimir's Personal Servant and friend, both could be seen on party's, funerals and other public activities.
How ever the man could also be "Away" for more then a year...
There is little known of him, all thats known is that he came from a noble Family somewhere around Tokat who goes by the name of Prodizov. He really talks about his true family, he considers him self part of the Nosferatus Family.
In which way he Acually "Served" The family is not clear.
After Tokat took part of Caligus, Ygor was never seen again...

After years of silence, the world finally heard word from Ygor Again. He arived in Fronen, Beluaterra, send by Lady Anna to keep an eye on Grego who was sufering from mental illness. He loyaly served Lord Grego for years untill Grego disappeared. Ygor decided to look for him until he found him, after 3 years he did, he tragically died in the confrontation.

"The Servant"

Former Titles:

    • Knight of Mhed
    • Beast Slayer
    • Personal Servant of Wladimir Nosferatus


Iwann was born out of a beautifull and romantic mariagge between Vlad and Veni. Born as a twin, he had a sister of the same age. The Mariagge didn't last long, Veni and Vlad got a huge confrontation about his heroic behaviour on the battlefield. Even after 40 years of fighting along side his men, he never had enough. It was a way to calm his mind and soul. Veni couldn't handle it, divorced and ran off. Iwann insisted on staying with his dad, as he saw his mothers actions as cowardly. However after a few years, Iwann became uncontroable, his father was mostly away and never got the attention from his parents. Eventually Iwann ran off and started a life as a traveler, hiding amidst of the common folks, seeking glory in slaying Undead and Monster champions by his sword. He found and won several items of great value, some of them even ancient, but one day, when he went to sell one of them he was ambushed and taken into custody by Caligan forces. Rackir stole his belongings and publicly executed him in front of the people of Domus as a warning. A warning for what, has never been anounced. His death has received no mercy or compassion, not even his sister let a single tear. It was as if he never existed.

Lady Shae

A beautiful young girl from the east continent with a beutiful light olive skin, dark, long hair and mysterious deep ocean green eyes. She ran from her father and was thought well by her mother. On the astonishing age of 17, her mother disappeared and she was left on her own, she quickly found extremely helpful powerful noblemen in the realm of Ibladesh to supply her with all her needs, she quickly became more and more desirable until her espanses rose above her income. She had to change her ways, she was spoiled and felt only less and less ambition. That is when she picked up a story from Beluaterra about a wise man named Aldo, her uncle and Aldo used to be friends and allies. The man could learn her everything about all the mysteries of life and the power of magic.

When she Arived in Beluaterra, Consul Aldo was mentally ill, depressed and taken over by emotion. He was a wreck and to no avail, she tried to pull him back up. It was such a let down that Shae again fell in her greedy old self and neglected her ambitions once more.

A Spark lit her back up when she was granted the Position as Marshall of the Legion, it was now where she could finally take into practise what her mother thought her.

And so she did, she rose to Imperatrix of Melhed and Marshall of the Wolf Legion during a critical time for Beluaterra, the Fourth invasion. She first led a successful campaign against the undead but was later forced to fight besides them against the other two dark forces. She made major Military and political changes in Melhed and successively kept the realm alive during this Dark time and involved her self on a large scale. When The invasion was over, she sucumbed to the major stress and her special tea tonic abuse and was send to her uncle in the Far East by Soren, her lover.

When she returned from the far east, she was as if reborn. With the same fire burning inside her, she now manages to control her self relatively well. Both her now Husband Consul Soren and uncle Ambassador Pierre Reynald keep her in check. She is slowly picking up her career and activley works to reform the realm drasticly from a Republic into a centralized democratically chosen presidential like system.

Current titles:

Former Titles:

Abbot 'The Acelet'

You cannot find anything in the family archives, are you sure your not looking under the wrong family?

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