Calanar Family

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The Calanar Family

Family Members

  • Vaerin
  • Crosse
  • Lucan
  • Will
  • Gwen


(These are characters that might be mentioned, but will not likely ever become actual characters.)


  • Archios (The White) - Ancestor of Ziode and Scion and famed paladin
  • Harusfeld (The Blue) - Father of Ziode and Scion, Is known for his blue metal armor that he wears while fighting


  • Gerard - Second-in-command of Ziode's unit, and a good friend of his
  • Sirus - Third-in-command of Ziode's unit, and a good friend of his
  • Serkai - Information gatherer sometimes found in Ortedail


  • Mark - Scion's bodyguard and friend, former mercenary, He has been traveling with him for years
  • Jared - a friend of Scion's, and former mercenary, died in the Batesaor War
  • Diaz - A mercenary who hunted Scion, now has third in command
  • Franz - Armorer, who specializes in leather armor, and lives in Masahakon. He's a good friend of Scion's
  • Layla Skylark - a woman from Scion's past -> (dead)


  • Kali - A young thief caught in Chocxal (Talerium (Atamara)) Travels with Night Hawk, who saved her from rotting in prison.

Weapons of the Calanar Family

  • Soluna - An heirloom, passed down since Archios. Encrusted with rubies and sapphires, its appearance makes one think of the sun and moon
  • Horizon - A simple bastard sword with a slightly wider blade. It has been sharpened to perfection and will cut like a new guillotine. The blade is made of a special steel that rarely loses its edge. Belongs to Harusfeld.
  • Phoenix Feather - A sword with a phoenix carved into the blade. It belongs to Cius.
  • Vjaya - A blade made of a black steel, there are rumors that the blade has some form of a special power. It belongs to Scion, but other than that its background is unknown.
  • Dawn and Twilight - The two short swords of Ziode. They were both forged to be ~V~ Blades which have never been lost or broken.

Family Tree

  • (A) = Adopted
  • (P) = Ancestor(Predecessor)
  • (*) = Also known as Silver Phoenix and Night Hawk

                       |                                     |
            Orion-----Maria                               Harusfeld-----Claire
                  |                                                 |
               /-----\                                              |
  Tiana---Cius(A)*    Soren           /----------------|------------------|--------------\
                                      |                |                  |              |
                              Laura--Scion           Ziode--Ancelin    Serge---?       Lessa----?
                                   |                       |                 |                |
                               /------\               Zane---?             ?---?        /---------|----------|--------|----------\
                   ?-------Waleran   Arya--Adaria          |                 |       Vaerin--?  Lucan--?   Crosse Carmine--?   Will--?
                       |                                 /-----\         /-------\ 
               /-----------------                      Locke  Gwen    Velden    Maya