Guardians of Twilight

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Guardians of Twilight

In the long distant past, SpellMasters ruled this world. They used their arcane powers to enslave the world, creating artefacts of terrible magic. But then a new order arose. They called themselves the Guardians of the Twilight, taking comfort in the comingling of both Luna, Goddess of Peace, and Sol, God of War. They destroyed the SpellMasters in the Chaos Wars. We of the Twilight are charged with protecting the world from the return of the SpellMasters, and so protect the world from the chaos that threatens to overwhelm it.

This is a map of the number of folowers in each region of the Far East, as you can see it's well concentrated around the southern Penisula, with Ortedail and Dsinasas as it's main regions.

Beliefs of the Twilight

We are the Guardians, and we protect the earth, life, peace and harmony for they are our values. Sol and Luna rule the sky, they are each other's opposite elements. In the light of day, Sol gives us life, power and strength. But at night Luna gives us the wisdom, understanding and knowledge to utilize Sol's gifts. There are always two poles: positive and negative--light and darkness. We need both these opposites to define one from the other. The Twilight is the balance between these poles. It's the greatest secret of life to acknowledge both powers, and Live between them in conscious awareness.

The History of the Twilight

The Chaos Wars

The Prophecy of Luna

History of the Order

Midnight Dream

The Paths of Twilight


There are three Paths within the Guardians of the Twilight.
They form three different life styles within the Religion.
Here is a summary of the three different paths:

Lead by Magister Cotys of Light.
These people dedicate themselves to spread the faith in any kind of way, preaching, telling tales, and travel. They are blessed by Luna and Sol, to change the mental and spiritual world around them in both a physical and metaphysical way.

Lead by Magister San of Sol.
The militant protectors of the Twilight, they are practical people, the doers rather than the thinkers. They are blessed by Sol and it's powers to change the physical world.

Lead by Magister Ziode of Dawn.
The Scholars, they dedicate there self to study all the secrets of the Twilight, they are the ultimate philosophers, scientists, archaeologists, historians, astronomers, poets, musicians, and so forth. They are blessed by Luna and her wisdom to learn and teach others.

The Temples of the Guardians


The Temple of Ortedail
Constructed By: Tiernan
Temple Size: Large Temple
Est. Believers: Ca. 12763 (100 %)

This was the first temple constructed by prophet Tiernan in Ortedail.It has recently been enlarged to reflect the glory of the Twilight.


Constructed By: Pierre Reynald
Temple Size: Small Shack
Est. Believers: Ca. 6390 (100 %)

This temple is built just near the old Chaos Requiem guildhall.
It is built for Luna, so she may watch the ground below here carefully.
Todtpiz is home to some of the most dedicated followers of Luna and the Path of the Scholars.


Constructed By: Marelda
Temple Size: Medium Temple
Est. Believers: ca. 7900 (90%)