The Chaos Requiem

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The Chaos Requiem

The Chaos Requiem, a shadowy organization, rearing its ugly head from time to time to sow the seeds of destruction and do the bidding of their Netherworld masters. Few know much more than horror tales of these depraved individuals.

The Horadrid Heresy

The Old Daimons were cast down, no more to be spoken of. The Lords of the Netherworld made themselves known to all mankind, pouring gloriously out of their portals out onto the sacred lands of Beluterra to maim, defile, kill and burn all that stood before them. No more is to be said of the times before the Horadrid Heresy, except of the mortal champions of the Chaos Requiem, who have always held the true faith.

The Literature of the Chaos Requiem

The Unholy Tome

The Darkest Brotherhood The most evil, vile and depraved members of the Chaos Requiem are known as the Darkest Brotherhood, serving their lord's purposes from the shadows, and stepping forward when the time is right.

The Profane Oath Taken by all members before they are allowed to know the secrets of the Requiem, it is a dark chant, most of which is better left unspoken. A small excerpt:

And as the Deceiver, blackest of the Dark Ones, hides me, I too shall hide the Requiem, and never dare speak her secrets, for to do so would be to invite eternal damnation upon my wretched soul... {under construction}


The Dark Princes:

-The Deceiver: Mysterious and shadowy, this Daimon Prince thrives on betrayal and deciet, and is known to appear to spies and assassins in hours of need to aid them in their dark tasks. The Deceiver rules the night with his court of 12 greater Daimons, and countless lesser Daimons. The Deceiver appears to those who have summoned him as a blackness against the blackness, being darker than mortals can comprehend, he often drives those who view him insane. As such, his followers will often blindfold themselves. His Chief Dukes include Agryth and Alan, who revel in theft and murder.

-Raziel: Once a hero of man, Raziel killed the former Prince of Slaughter to take his place. Raziel had to fight every member of his predecessor's court to secure his ascent and replaced them. His court consists of 33 great Daimons, great lords of war commanding legions of lesser Daimons. Raziel often appears on the eve of battle to witness the slaughter first hand, and will often grant successful warriors with boons. He carries a massive sword and a flaming whip and appears a great red-skinned humanoid with the head of a beast.

-Nyrgle: A wretched feminine beast of unimaginable filth. She rules over the swamps and plague ridden lands of man. Her court is composed of 16 greater Daimons who command swarms of lesser plaugelings. She can be called in times of great plague, but often leaves behind even deadlier afflictions which her followers unknowingly carry to their homes.

-Ne'Trl: The Daimon Prince of the Arcane. Ne'Trl is a being of constant change, and his court is composed of 13 greater Daimons who whisper their maddening secrets to mortals willing and able to listen. The Lords of Ne'Trl's court command great councils of lesser Daimons, who are said to be dark secrets given form. He appears to those who seek knowledge, and rules during the hours of daylight. He works closely with the Deceiver, but even Ne'Trl doesn't know the Deceiver's true name. It is said that if anyone should discover the Deceiver's true name, the Deceiver will be destroyed, and the person who discovered the name will take his place. Ne'Trl secretly desires to usurp the Deceiver and learn his name, but has not succeeded to date.

-Wyvryth: The Daimon Prince of beasts. Wyvryth appears as a great dragon, and is likely the source of several religions following a "great dragon". Wyvryth commands 7 greater Daimons who command packs of lesser Daimons. Wyvryth does not appear except during events of great cataclysm, and bellows fire and death wherever he flies.

-Ra'dur: The Daimon Prince of Suffering and Pain. Ra'dur's court is composed of 22 great Daimons who command many legions of lesser Daimons, whose mission is to bring suffering to mankind's existence. Every stubbed toe, every thorn in every side is said to be the work of Ra'dur and his minions. Ra'dur will appear to those in great suffering, and appears as a tall, black humanoid until he gets close, when it is clear that Ra'dur's body is composed of thousands of razors, slick with wet blood and oil. Ra'dur's followers often carry razor sharp, thin bladed short swords, which they refer to as "long-razors".

-Alatazyr: The Chief Daimon Prince. The other Daimon Princes serve in his court, along with 666 greater Daimons, holding at least the rank of Duke. He grants Daimonic fiefdoms to those he feels worthy. His purposes are unknowable to mortal minds and his plots last generations, working through only the slightest of actions to bring about terrible events. He will appear to cunning mortals to grant them boons... But for a price. He is a tall, red-skinned humanoid with a high, horn-lined forehead. He carries a wicked staff made of the darkest iron and topped with a great ruby.

The Dukes:

-Krom: A Chief Duke who serves in Raziel's court, he appears as a large, impossibly muscular man with the head of a bull. He carries a gigantic hammer with him, and it is said that his fury is the cause of earth quakes. He can be driven away with mistletoe.

-Legion: A conglomeration of hundreds of spirits who form one being. Legion holds the rank of Duke and serves in the Deceiver's court. Legion is known to possess mortals, either to grant them boons, or to wreak havoc on mortal lands. Legion can be multiple places at once, and can in fact possess multiple mortals at once. He is quoted as saying "My name is Legion, for we are many."

-Scrii'l: A Chief Duke who serves in the court of Wyvryth. Scrii'l takes the form of a massive serpent and is said to tunnel beneath the depths of the Far East Island, waiting a time to strike and swallow the continent.

-Alan: A shadowy Duke im the service.of the Deciever. Every lost trinket