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Mentor of Perdan

Unit Name: Praetorian Divine
Weapon of Choice: Marble Staff of Dyramiir

*************** WORKING ON IT! ***************

His Story

Rangonio was very cowardise as a youth. He grew up in the streets of Nida, like the most of the Petterson family. He was a very healthy child in his area, but when Nida got sieged, when he became old enough for the army, he fled to the East Continent and joined the mighty realm of Perdan.

Arrival to Perdan

After a long ship journey into the unknown land, at least for the Petterson's, Rangonio set foot on the East Continent, new land! He had high hopes when he entered the region of Perdan. He knew he didnt have to travel to find a realm to work for, Perdan was the perfect spot. He knew this when he saw it in the horizon of the ships view.

"I feel as if... as if Im at home here!" pondered Rangonio to his new ship mate as the ship began to anchor. A loud thud rumbled the boat swaying it side to side before it came to a halt and the boarding plank was let down. He makes his first step onto the land, in Dimwood, a place of wealth and banquets, at least his his eyes. He spent the day pondering in Dimwood seeing some glorious sites, like the Fountain of Ail and the farm lands of Dimwood.

During his walks a messanger ran to him with several notes. "Welcome to Perdan, sir! Many people are glad to see new arrivals and wonder what you would like to get up to. Lorraine, Arch Priest of Perdan, Duke of Aix sends her recognition and invites you to be her student, she will teach you all you need to know, for she is the greatest Mentor we have to offer. That all of EC has to offer, in fact..." rants the messanger, "I was told to point you the way to Perdan City, our great capital... Sir, it is that way."

"I come in search of a new home, a new good, a new friend. Tell Lorraine I except this offer of tutorship and would love to meet her and I will head to Perdan as fast as I can. Am I expected to recruit a unit, meet with a battle group or just sit around Perdan and getting drunk?" grins Rangonio thinking of his favoured drink, Abington Whiskey.

Rangonio began to head toward Perdan, a fine city. One of the largest on the East Continent, shortly after Ibladesh City. Many messaengers met with him that day with messages of welcome. He was glad he noticed and pick up his pace. He wanted to meet the members of the realm as soon as he could. He had made many new friends, even in his first hour.

Pearly Gates

Rangonio finally reached the pearly gates of the city of Perdan after a long journey from Dimwood passing through the dusty mines. The gates shone the sunlight into Rangonio's eyes. He had to lift his hand up to shield his eyes from the light. The huge, eluminous gates slowly creeked open, almost as if for Rangonio, of course, it was for the food carts that arrive in the city daily. Rangonio flicked a coin at the peasant escorting the carts. He picked a fruit from the bundle.
He entered the city. Chin up, ready to greet passer-bys.

"Good day, sir." repeats Rangonio several times to different people walking by. Finally he comes up to a place of interest. The pub. Nearby was the recruitment center. He heads into the pub for a pint. Its been a while and the trip was long and tiresome - time to relax a little.


After several pints, a few hours later. Rangonio stumbles out of the pub and falls into the path of a certain individual. He immediatly regains his total control and stands straight. "You... you must be Lorraine?!" questioned Rangonio, "Your presence is... inspiring... as I have been told. I hear you teach nobles the way of the Perdanite? Please teach me!"

Lorraine looks at the sun dial nearby and points at it.

"In an hour..." she says, rather bluntly " should recruit a unit first. Head to that recruitment center, they do good troops, without ripping you off on price!"

Rangonio looks up and nods. He wonders over and enters a busy recruitment center in hope to recruit some extra troop for his guard. His Personal Guard were mere peasants with good weapons, he needed more combat able fighters, who could also train his current men to make them better. He recruited 20 of the finest in all of Perdan, pretty expensive for a new troop leader. Wealth was of no concern to Rangonio, he wasnt poor.

"Greetings Sir, we are ready for battle, the last of the men are getting their equipment now" explained the Sergeant, "I hear there is many battles up north, with Oligarch. I thought I'd best tell you, since I hear your new to this continent."

"Thank you. Get your men to meet me there, right by the pub. We'll have a drink before we head out, but first, I have some other business. I could be a while."

"Very well," the Sergeant turns to his troops as Rangonio walks off towards the scribe's hut, "Men, no rush. Our new commander has some business he needs to take care of. We will be meeting him and he will be treating us to a drink."

Rangonio hires several scribes to carry his notes, collect and deliver his letters. He meets Lady Lorraine by the sun-dial. Nothing much is said. She hands him a booklet with lots of notes for him to go through.

"You should read this..."

Rangonio thanks her before walking away, scimming through some of the pages.


A few short hours later, Rangonio and his recruited squadron of men met outside a pub, as requested. They entered and had only one pint, each. After that they were on their way. Hearing news from the High Marshal of Perdan, his orders corresponded with that of the Sergeant. There was war up in the regions of Oligarch! Rangonio headed toward the battle with haste, his men dragging behind. He had to march over a creeky bridge and into the magnificant city of Westmoor. There was no time to stop. From what the High Marshal said, the destination was Bruck!

Battles with Oligarch

From Westmoor he marched onwards, his men close, as the people were strangers to Rangonio. His hand by his sword.

"Anything to spare, sir?" croaked an old lady, crouched on the floor next to a gutter.

"Here!" he flicked 2 gold piece towards her and quickly headed onwards.

Leaving the city, he saw the mud field of Bruck. The action was about to commence.

Arena of Mud

Finally. After many days travelling Rangonio and his troops made it to the dirt filled land of Bruck. They met up with many troops from different places. Perdan, Oligarch, Rancagua and a very small group of Caligus troops. Together, they were a huge, fiece warband prepared for war. In the distance, he could see small dots of red and green: The Sirionites, both from Sirion and West Sirion. A huge blotch. He saw shells from cannons being fired. His eyes grew wide and he dived for cover, as did most other people.

"Sir, which battle group are you from?" shouted a soldier over the load thuds of shell fire.

"The Perdan Strike Force!"

"Right! Follow me, we are going toward them now," pointing to the red and green blotch of troops, "Prepare your weapon!"

Rangonio turns to his squad. "You heard the man, lets go." He pulls out his sword. A basic broadside, nothing spectacular about it. Though it did have a cool pattern on the handle and the holster.


The closed in on the Sirionites, 2 of his men had fallen from archer fire. Running at great speed, Rangonio finally pulled out his sword. He swing it at a Sirion soldier, cutting his arm clean off, blood spewing all around.

"So thats why you wear red cloth over your armour. So you cant tell if your bleeding or not. Smart" he mumbles sarcastically to himself as he kicks another man over and stabs his sword through his chestplate. Many troops were now caught up in the melee, many were still charging forward, swords were swing left and right, soldiers on each team were both being cut to pieces. Death.

Rangonio parries to the left of a sharp blow from the right, swinging his sword round to retaliate this attack. He grazes the arm of a Sirionite soldier, who looked as if he just been drafted from the villages of his homeland. Rangonio was shocked to see how desperate armies can get for soldiers. Knowing he couldnt just leave the guy to fight on, he kicked him to the floor before charging onwards to the next batch of troops.

Many warriors fell by the hands of Rangonio, he didnt seem such a coward anymore, not like he was at home. He was filled with bloodlust. He swung his sword in a arc of death, the blade cutting through two unfortunates, he lept up and impaled one through the neck. He continues battling, the same technique.

A watchful Sirionite noticed his technique and orders his unit to charge him. Rangonio ran through five of the soldiers slicing them as his dodged about, however his unit wasnt so lucky, seven men fell from wounds caused in the combat. Even more blood-rages Rangonio raises his sword to slash down on another soldier, only to be blocked by the watchful Sirionite. He was then sliced along his belly. He was bleeding quite severely a fell to the floor.

Seeing he was beat, the Sirionite was more honourable about his combat:

"Apothecary! Over here. Help this man."


Fall of Fallangard


Conquer of Isadril


Fontanese War

SORT! (War with Fontan in help with Caligus)

Friendly Fire

Rangonio recieved devistating news from the council. Ibladesh had declared war on Ubent. Both realms were friends of Perdan, but under the contract of the Southern Alliance, they should be working together, not against each other. With Ibladesh now against the alliance, Perdan declared war. We needed to defend Ubent.

The Perdan Strike Force rallied in Woolton, en mass with the military force of Perdan. We began several campaigns against the forces of Ibladesh, we did not take any of their land, but looted it, we burnt the houses of many to try and make Ibladesh see sence. They did not. We needed to make them see, the only way was to take land...

Sirion Assault

SORT! Forces of Sirion were spotted in lands of Oligarch; Arnaud and Lysander sent warnings so we could prepare. A force, a 1000 strong, was heading to Perdan.

The Black Night


Bad Tidings


Rangonio gets sick of waiting in the rough cells of Ibladesh. He ruffles around looking for any weak spots in the cell bars, walls, ceiling. None were found, at least not in his cell. Quite surprising considering the condition of Ibladesh as a whole.

Sick of the waiting Rangonio smashes his fist into the tough steel bars of the cell. His knuckles start to bleed. He makes as much noice as he can trying to draw the attention of the guards to his cell.

"Guard! Guard!" shouts Rangonio with no responce, "OI! Scumbag! Get up!"

A guard stubbles of his stool and murmers to himself... "Mummy?!"

He stands up wiping the drool from his chops and straightens himself out. He glares wearily over to Rangonio wondering what he was after, he reachs towards his weapon incase he tries anything. "Yes...?" the guard queries.

"How much is my ransom? I want outta here!" replys Rangonio.

"61 gold sir, but you have no money!" laughed the guard, although shocked with what he was saying.

Rangonio reaches to his sock, slightly shaken from his expierence in the cell. Quite coincidently, Rangonio has exactly 61 gold in his purse, although it drops over the floor as his arm shakes. "I want my freedom!" he shouts, "I dont like your cell. I dont like Ibladesh. At least in Sirion there is the occassional nice guard with a pillow spare."

With his shirt ripped and his clothing tattered and pieces of cloth falling off, Rangonio was wearing hardly anything without a coin to his name. He stumbles out of the cells rocking side to side as he walks to down the tight corridors of the dungeon and grazing his arms on the way. Rangonio is then pushed to the fields on Zwar once more, with nothing.

"What? Your leaving me here? Like this...?" questioned Rangonio, as he realised just how low Ibladesh stooped. Want even help a helpless person. An ememy that could just as easily be their friend! He falls to his knees as if all was lost before he gets up and runs off screaming.

Searching for his men, very discomforted, very tired. He heads towards his last fortification in hope to see his troops once more. Several men had fell bloody to battle with 'Runts. A man was piked to the side, a 'Runt, to scare them and keep the morale of the Perdanite soldiers up, seeing an enemy dead!

"Men! Lend me a lengthy cloth!" stummbled Rangonio "We head out now. We must continue were we left. Where did the rest of Perdan's forces go?"

"A siege on Ibladesh City sir!" squeeks a soldier, a youth, barely battle able.

"A siege?! Without me! I miss all the fun things. I bet they looted it to the ground!" Rangonio shouts as he runs toward Clermont! "ILL BE BACK! IBBY SCUM!!"


  • Guilds
  • Thought of moving
  • Count of Dimwood
  • BG Leader of Crimson Wing (Perdan Reinforcements)
  • Count of Clermont


Abington Whiskey

Abington Whiskey is Rangonio's favourite drink. Exported from Abington, Atamara - the region of Anchorinn to be exact. Many of the Abingtonians dont know this, though, likely because it is kept a very quiet trade.

Abington Whiskey is a big part of Rangonio's life. He always has a crate in his saddle. You can be sure of that. He first tried Abington Whiskey back when he lived in Nida, Atamara when he was young and became almost immediately addicted. He made a great deal with the traders so he had a regular supply. He stores the Whiskey in Dimwood, in a secret cellar he designed and made while he was Count.

The taste is slightly bitter, and a bit tangy with a hint of apple.

Rangonio also enjoys the occassional Black & Tan.


Rangonio is the official editor of the SADA pages, including its news letters. He has spent many dedicated hours the the Southern Alliance Drinking Association. No-one is more dedicated.

All his work was wrecklessly destroyed when the documents were getting moved to a new library by highway men and bandits. Rangonio is working hard to replenish the lost work.

You can view his current work at;


Rangonio is currently ranked at 'God Dionyssus' on of the highest ranks possible. He got this great title from the constant drinking and competitions he took part in. He loved the Drink-Off, especially when he was against Shadow Thief. He loved the oppertunity of beating the Founder!

On his way through the ranks, Rangonio was nick named Raviolio, by Nobdy Himoura, who taxed it. Anyone how said the name 'Raviolio' had to pay him 25 gold pieces! Many fell for the trap of it only being a joke...

Fountain of Ail

SORT! There are many Fountains of Ail, in many regions belonging to members of SADA. Rangonio's favoured Fountains of Ail is in Dimwood.

Man of Faith


SORT! (Rangonio's new found religion)

Miscellaneous Character Information

Books of a Life Time

Rangonio's books will be placed here. Currently, he has wrote five books and participates in two newspapers. ((Need 3 more story ideas, and need to write the "books"!))



Type Stratergy Opposition Stratergy Advantage Result
First Blood Neutral Shadow Thief Defensive Rangonio Defeat
First Blood Trick Moves Gavin Neutral Rangonio Victory - Minor Wound
First Blood Aggressive Blackknight Aggressive N/A Victory
Victory Percentage 66.66%


Host Realm Competitors Prize Money Round Beat... Defeat by...
Caligus 94 500 (200)G Semi-final ? Itthordaî

Time Line

OOC Information

I would like to thank all the nobels of Perdan, from when I join, till present for giving me inspiration to write this. Especially, the nobles that made the events actually happen.

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Helpful Perdanites

These players have been very helpful to me during my time in Perdan. Answering many question that I had when I was new to Battle Master - and during the current times, too. (Please note that these arent the only helpful nobels. They were just the TLs that helped me)