Bad Tidings

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This is of historical significance in BattleMaster
Bad Tidings
Where East Island
When December 2005
Significant People Involved User:Tom
Topics Geographical changes

Notice: All of this happened in December 2005. These pages nowadays document what happened for the history books. --Tom 12:49, 16 December 2006 (CET)

The East Island has been hearing bad tidings. We know not what they are, we can only hope that we can piece together this mystery through the notes we have and what we think could be.

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Check the East Continent map out now!

Bad Tidings

Rumours spread around the island. Strangers mumble weird tales in the local pubs. The priests are silent, but unusually busy. Something is amiss.

(Someone has visited the priests, giving them the max amount of gold, and the message given was completely normal, with no hint at all about these events. They did not bless the troops, however.)

Sudden Weather Change

(Note this message is on the login page, i.e. for ALL continents, not just the East Continent...)

Large, dark clouds are covering the sky, and the weather has become worse within just a few hours. Many of the more religious folks are scared to death.

(The weather has indeed gone from "Good, rich harvest" to "Bad, reduced harvest expected". This has yet to affect Beluaterra, however.)

Animals are edgy and are freaking out

Animals the world over appear to freak out. Horses are in panic, bovine look confused, even the sheep are edgy.

The Sky, The Sky!

Dark clouds are appearing on the north-western sky.


It is dark.

There is black fog and dust everywhere. You can barely see a few feet. Travel or other activities are impossible in this darkness. There is no sun. You have no idea whether it is day or night, or whether it matters.

You are engulfed in darkness. There is nothing you can do but wait.

(At this moment, no normal options are avalaible)

Recent Events

You dimly remember something happening before the sky went black. Clouds piling up. Ash rain. Fog drifting over the lands. Black fog. You remember the panic and then everyone running inside - into their houses, huts or tents. The air smells... unfamiliar.

Current Situation

The dust has lifted a little. Everything is still covered with dust and the sky is still black, but you can move outside without fear of suffocation once more.

(Region list and dynamic map are still unavailable at the moment, but from the realm list we can see that the region Sirion Castle has been replaced by Sir Temple. Region Dayr az Zawr has been split into Dayr and Zawr, with Dayr being a badland.)

Within Realms (East Island)

Yssaria, Fontan, Oligarch, Ubent, Caligus

Rumours are spreading through the lands that a prophet has appeared in Akesh Temple. Though his words are mysterious and difficult to grasp, his main message appears to be one of a painful rebirth. Religious leaders appear to be of split opinion on the man, some attempting to interpret his words while others label him a heretic.

Strange creatures have been seen in the vicinity of Evora last night.

Itorunt, Ibladesh

Strange beasts are rumours to roam the forests these days, many more than there used to be.

Priests from the major temples in both Itorunt and Semall are speaking out against the increasing rumours, reassuring the peasants that nothing is wrong and they should return to their fields. With more rumours coming in from the north every day, the peasants have become rather ill at ease, but the words of the priests calm them down. Some.


(Not sure if this one has something to do with the current events)
The peasants of Dayr az Zawr are heading towards a small, but full-blown civil war over some minor interpretation differences of an unimportant detail of the local religion. Specifically, the Dayr people of the west are in open revolt against the Zawr majority in the east. Realm control is already falling.

Region Split
During the duststorm, the citizen of Dayr az Zawr had a small battle among themselves. When the dust fell, they each retreated to their own homes, and now that the dust is lifting, they each claim to be an independent region - Dayr in the west and Zawr in the east.


Rumours are spreading quickly throughout the land, that a crazy old man is preaching of doom and destruction in Sirion Castle. It appears that a small cult has sprung up around him quickly, and his visions sound strangely truthful.

Rumours from Sirion Castle indicate that cult fanatics have taken control of the castle, against minimum resistance from the militia troops which were either too scared of the mob or did not want to cause so many civilian casualties. The cultists apparently claim that Sirion Castle was built atop an ancient temple, and are calling for the temple to be rebuilt. Other rumours say they have begun erecting a temple outside the stronghold.


A crazy old man in Sirion Castle is Spreading news of doom. A cult has sprung up around him quickly, and his visions sound strangely truthful. Wierd stories and wierd tales are being told in the bars. Something to do with the priests with the last one.

It is coming", says one of the newly arrived crazy prophets in Sirion Castle. "We need to tear this place down", he continues, "and erect a mighty temple so we may be saved! The guards arrest him for stirring up trouble, but his words resonate with the people.


A dead cow was found on the steps of the royal palace this morning. There was no apparent cause of death.

The sea was unusually low today, say the fishermen.

Tsunami A floodwave has hit the western shores. A few hundred peasants were killed.

The Sky, The Sky Dark clouds are appearing on the north-western sky.

===Itorunt=== (global?) Returning to Normal The dust is lifting, and things are slowly returning to normal. Everywhere, there have been hundreds of small disasters - people lost in the woods when the dust fell, small floodwaves, landslides, even earthquakes. Thousands of people have perished, but there have been no major catastrophes - or so it seems.

Oligarch, Caligus

More prophets are appearing in Akesh Temple. They are speaking of "the rise of evil", or of "the third appearing" and other such nonsense.


A floodwave has hit the western shores. A few hundred peasants were killed.

Old Rancagua

A large number of dead fish have been found on the coast this morning. The local people were puzzled at first, then pleasantly surprised. However, now several villagers who ate from the fish are lying ill, and the rest are regarding the dead fish as a bad omen.


A new cult has sprung up in Akesh Temple, centering around "The Third", a someone or something that the cultists expect to "rise up" any day now. However, no details are known as the identity of "The Third" appears to be only taught to members of some inner circle.

Additionally, Tom has created a player "Cult Leader" in Caligus and "Crazy Prohet" in Sirion.

Tom as "Cult Leader" Messaged everyone in Caligus saying,

The time has come for the third to rise!
Repent your sins. If you have no sins to repent, then go and sin, for you shall not be saved without repenting your sins.
Cult Leader (Noble)

Other Islands

South-East Island, South-West Island

Clouds in the Sky Dark clouds have appeared in the northern sky, roughly where the East Island is located. A small floodwave hit the northern shores at about the same time. A few peasants and livestock died, but no major damage was done.


Clouds and waves Dark clouds have appeared in the sky off to the east, roughly in the area of the East Island. A floodwave has hit the eastern shores, drowning hundreds of peasants and creating havoc and destruction.