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Elladan Losfer Lux

The Beginning

Status Dead
Continent East Continent
Realm Ibladesh
Class Warrior / Hero
Age 26
Honour 119
Prestige 31
Title Knight of Ibladesh
Unit Corvus' Vanguard
Army Ramsus Protectors
Relegion Church of Ibladesh
Guilds none
Unique Items none
Realms Served:
Titles Held:
Armies Served:
  • D'Hara Dragons
  • Serpant Templar Knights
  • Guardians of Magna Serpaensism
Units Commanded:
  • Corvus' Vanguard
Firstborn twin son of Luthor Lux, Elladan Losfer, at rather a young age, even as a boy, travelled Atamara far and wide, accompanied by Targon Valerian, his twin brother, and whilst in "Pearl od the East", Ash'rily, he became a follower of Magna Serpaensism, a creed which would mark his future life. But that was only the beginning. When he left Atamara to return to the family mansion in Dwilight, he could not find peace. His heart strove for the busy streets of Ash'rily, and he felt as if Magnus was beckoning him. Luthor objected strongly, for he knew Targon Valerian would follow his quarter-of-an-hour elder brother. Also, Luthor believed that future of his twin sons lay firmly in Dwilight. But, shortly after becoming of age, Elladan decided that Paisly was not the right place for him. Luthor's death only put a seal to his decision to leave, and soon both twins set sail for Atamara again. Elladan Losfer settled in the place which he favoured most, the warring Monarchy of Ash Sea Islands.

Fall of Ash'rily

However, times were especially hard for the Ashlanteans ere Elladan's arrival, as they battled many Atamaran realms. Hardly was there ever a realm pressed so hard by so many greedy enemies. Elladan's fiery baptisms came in the South; many a battle he fought alongside other Ashlanteans holding the walls of beloved Ash'rily and Wor'ight in the face of the overwhelming enemy hordes, the cowardly realms of Carelia, Suville and Tara, as well as a trecherous Caergoth. Such gloriuos deeds of valour have Ashlanteans performed that no tale can describe, but only Magnus himself could have inspired; yet they were cornered. With all adjoining regions falling to the hands of Caergothans, Ash'rily was surrounded for months, cut off from the rest of the realm. In a sickening siege Ash'rily fell to the hands of infidels.

Farewell, Atamara

Fall of Ash'rily meant a great turn in the history of Ash Sea Islands. The faltering realm could not support that many nobles, and soon many left. By corrupted ways of politics Ashlanteans were forced to sign a treaty by which they could not fight side by side with other realms of Eastern Alliance, a great disappointment in eyes of Elladan Losfer Lux. Moreover, after many years he received a word from Paisly that Zaratin Anarion, his cousin, a son of his late uncle Hathor, left for perilous and distant continent of Beluaterra, where no sane man would ever set a foot on. The House of Lux had no heir in their home region, and it has fallen unto him to take over this duty. With no choice other than to put his Atamaran issues aside, in a stormy night, Elladan Losfer Lux boarded a ship in Ser'quea and left.

Realm of Dragons

Back in Dwilight, he joined a newly formed realm of D'Hara. Many things have changed as he found out. Melodia was no more, and Paisly fell into anarchy. Shortly D'Hara was able to set control of the great city, but not for long. Elladan served as a knight there, and for a while he had been contended. In these times he has undertaken many perilous scouting endeavours to extreme West, all the way to Nightmarch, he has brought word of massive Daimon armies that were assembled there, lead by the mystic Zuma. Sense of danger brough him back to life, and relived those glorious days of Ashlantean defense back in Atamra. He pondered about leaving again, he wanted to see Targon Valerian also, however, no news came from Atamara.
The immature realm od D'Hara went through a rebellion, Paisly was lost to Madina, and D'Hara elected a Dragon King, as they referred to their ruler. Elladan was never able to align himself with Dragon creed, he joined Sanguis Astroism shortly, but Magnus was still in his heart. Although his family had solid background in Madina, he didn't want to go there again. Soon, D'Hara became water-bound, already rumours proclaimed Dragon Isles as "cursed", or even "Tomb Islands". Elladan organised a looting expediotion eastwards. He traveled beyond Desert of Silhouettes, almost to distant Morek. He has also been in Caerwyn and Astrum on different missions, but none of it satisfied him. It became clear to him then that coming back to Dwilight was a mistake, and disappointed in feeble D'Haran leadership he decided to leave again, this time to new advetures, to lands uncharted by the Luxes, East Island.

The End

But never did he suspect doom followed in his steps. As a battlefield veteran he easily found a prominent place within warring Ibladeshi lords. He went through many a succesful campaign releasing oppressor's grip over Itoruntian Knot until destiny cought him in the fields of Enubec. Corvus' Vanguard, his famous unit, was covering the retreat of a plundering Ibladeshi army, but they got intercepted by cavalry of Itorunt. It is said to be the only infantry unit to withstand an on-slought of heavy cavalry and fight on. Engulfed by the enemy they fought valiantly, and died. Elladan was the last to fall, pierced my many Itoruntian spears. So came to pass Elladan Losfer Lux, a true hero at the peak of his glory, and, indeed, his death had been a terrible loss to the House of Lux.