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Along your travels to the far west, you suddenly find the air thicker, your vision blurry. The fatigue that has spread through your body now drains you, and your legs struggle to keep you upright. Each step feels heavier than the last, and soon you even begin to doubt that what you see is real. You see your feet moving ahead, but you strangely feel as though those are not your feet. Your surroundings become less focused as you try to stay conscious. In your fading sight you can barely see movement far away, from shapes of living beings much like yourself. But soon your vision turns dark.

A strange mist envelopes you, chilling you beyond your bones, and you see events from your past. They appear comfortable and relaxing, and you even believe such illusions are real.

You cannot feel your sanity breaking, but when you return to reality, you find yourself back on grassy land, your back turned to the wastelands you thought you entered.


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Steeling your mind against the unnatural forces of the enigmatic lands, you walk through the cracked earth of the wastelands, seeing in the distance formidable peaks and the outline of an intimidating structure. Exerting all your will, you avert your eyes, turning your gaze to the ground, forcing your straining body to keep moving forward. Only your will to press on sustains you now.

A screech echoes, but you cannot know the direction the sound originated. You are frightened, unconsciously trembling, both because of the unfamiliar harsh sound, and your own confusion. When you heard the horrifying noise, a part of you thought it came from within your own body. You check yourself, but you see nothing wrong. Many shadows suddenly flicker at the border of your vision. When you turn your head in their direction, you see only the monotonous emptiness of dried earth and white mist.

The fear is too much for your human body to bear. Even the strongest and most courageous man cannot endure this arcane terror for long. You begin to feel your psyche screaming for you to stop, and when you try to force your legs to move, you find to your shock that they do not. Giving in to your fear, you run as fast as you can, back to the fertile lands, away from the unknown horrors that lurked at the boundaries of your senses.


When you return to the safety of your lands you tell your peers about what you have seen. Their responses are mixed. Some are entranced by the mysteries and terrors you describe, others discount your reports as mere stories, while some even talk about sending expeditions to find treasure in those lands. Soon you find that many people in your realm know of the mysterious western land you entered, though the accounts are as varied as the people who tell them.

One day you happen upon a wandering prophet, one who has been the subject of some whispers among your peers. You go to him and ask him about your experiences, and he responds with barely a whisper:

There are things meant for man never to know. Naturally, their lands would be no different.


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When you tell your peers about the shadows and the sounds you heard in the western wastelands, some grow uneasy. They appear to know some of the things you describe, and you hear the word "daimon" whispered. When you inquire about the word, a collective hush falls over the group. The more intrepid and vocal ones tell you that they are beings from another world, cloaked in shadows and flames, with power unmatched by man, who bring death and destruction to the land.

But the wiser ones observe that the daimons from the other land did not hesitate to destroy immediately. They say that the ones on this land, if they even existed, do not show any hostility. Perhaps they do not know of your presence? But you realize that if they had not yet known of the human presence on Dwilight, your incursion into their lands would have surely alerted them.

Later you come across a seasoned warrior who came from Beluaterra. He heard your tales, and he says a few words to you:

Those creatures are powerful and fearsome. Even the strongest man cannot stand alone against one of them. I have seen them destroy without effort, but perhaps these might yet be different. We can only hope that they are, for men of Dwilight are not yet ready to fight these as enemies.


The heaviness and the madness of the western wastelands prevented you from traveling far into the territory, but you managed to discover parts of the eastern and southern borders, formed by Overroot and Underroot in the east and Evenfell in the south. You also saw in the distance what people say are the peaks of Dragon's Roost and the great temple Dragon Song. You wonder, though, what lies further west, in the darkest parts of the mysterious lands of the Zuma.