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Originally small but professional detachment of Archers in the service of the Cagilan Empire, they stood to the last man in battle against Falasan during the bloody battle for Nazgorn. Later reformed in Fontan under the command of Captain Jorge Heinman, the son of the late Captain Carl Heinman of the famed Imperial Cagilan Guard.

Named for the black swan-feather fletchings of their long-shafted arrows, their field livery is woodland green with a black-enamelled swan brooch worn over a close-fitting arming jack and quilted doublet. They wear sable livery for dress occasions with a device on the right shoulder of a sable swan against a silver field.

Their primary weapon is the mighty yew bow, with which they are able to strike targets at considerable ranges, but each man also carries a heavy-bladed knife for close-quarters work if such should become necessary. Their battles are recorded here.

Members of the Company

The Cagilan Black Swans

Sergeant Berek The senior NCO
Sarai Brigdha's Squire

The Fontanese Black Swans

Captain Jorge Heinman Son of Carl Heinman
Sarai Brigdha's Squire