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20th February

Summer Day - Taselak

Kraken Snodaert

Lords and ladies of Taselak,

I have led the forces of our small but feisty land for years now it seems. We have met with succes and I admit at least twice as much defeat but that is all part of life. I have grown old beyond my years but I am still proud to Serve you every day.

I have made a decision that will impact us all as we have seen so many times. The decision is to become a hero of Taselak. This means my days are numbered and the fruit of our exploits will always hang by a thread.

I will continue to lead from the front but if I should die I am sure I leave you in capable hands. Bren has led you every time I was wounded. He will be able to lead you when I am no longer alive. Besides there is much military talent in our realm and I would not be missed for long.

This is no goodbye either way, I want to Introduce you to my cousin Sepia, daughter of my fathers Brother. She is young but will gladly serve under our banner should My time come and earn her place among the men and women of Taselak.

For taselak,


Kraken Hammer of the realm.