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8th May

Summer Evening -- Kail

Descema Himoura Guile

Finishing her missive to the defeated nobles of Taselak, she slaps the arse of the courier wench on her way out of the LOC’s Command Tent.

Having taken Kail back for the umpteenth time and defeating the Tasels soundly on the field, Descema smiles as she looks at her new wound... a gash across the wrist from an errant blade, which led to the offending soldier with an arrow jammed through his eye socket in the melee. With the powers offered to nobles on the South Island, the wound is healing quickly and she is already able to draw her bow again....

Sighing and rising from her desk, she heads outside to survey the healers doing their work. 15 men dead, and 36 wounded... Severine’s Ghosts had gone through many phases of growth and decay, much like the deceased BBHP. Now, the well-practiced healers are putting their skills to use and bringing back more of the ghastly ranges fiends that Descema was lucky enough to call her men. With their almost perfect armour and powerful compound arbalests...not many could stand before them...even in their wounded state.

“Oi! We’re off to the smiths lads and ladies! Get the wounded on the wagons and get your beautiful arses in line! The ritual is finished, and so are we here for this week.” She shouts to the men, to which she receives naught but grumbles and slow moving snarkery.

9th May

Summer Evening -- Kail

Romulus Schwarzherzig

The smell of garlic and wine cooking drifted down into Bastion's Oubliette, making his stomach growl. Shortly after the grate to the Oubliette was opened and Bastion was hauled up, struggling futilely against the guards. Romulus sat in a chair, next to a table set for dinner. The scent of garlic, mingled with other spice was tangible. A stockade was also set next to the table, which Bastion was soon shoved into. The device was secured, and Romulus sat for a moment, his nose hovering over a glass of wine.

"Blackberry bloodwine you see. Far superior to the abominations that pass for wine you lot produce. All the fruit has gone to your heads. Much too sweet..." Romulus spoke before taking a small sip. He then turned and began to eat the meat, potatoes and peppers on his plate. They smelled wonderful, and Bastion's stomach growled.

"Care for a taste?" Romulus inquired, and stuck a bite of meat in Bastion's mouth. As the man began to chew, Romulus grinned.

"Good yes?" He paused, waited for his guest to swallow. "Liver, harvested from one of you soldiers." Romulus finished his meal, and features to a bowl of fruit on the table, featuring apples, tangerines, and a pineapple. Romulus picked up a tangerine and proceeded to eat it.

"You will get one too, worry not my friend." Romulus looked at the fruits.

"Hmmm..." He looked at his guard. "The pineapple if you would." The guard nodded, and Romulus leaned in.

"I'd say I was sorry for this next part, but it'd be a lie." Bastion's eyes went wide as his trousers were slashed apart from behind him, and soon after his screams could be heard for miles as the pineapple found a new home in his rectum.

16th May

Summer Day -- Cirannor

Elric Castillo

I just regained consciousness, did we win? I did charge forward and my men and I were surrounded on all side. Was I a bit too hasty?

I do remember bashing the Taillow Guards and sir Arianwen Kisake skulls with the hard part of a pineapple that had fallen within my reach but then my hand got wounded by the sharp part. I did get wounded by a few chosen words from dame Kanya Jimenez after that charge; she might have slapped me on the second round because her face is the last thing I remember.