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6th March

Summer Evening -- Lesthem

Tulvir Pileran

Tulvir stumbled through the foot hills of Lesthem, clutching at an arrow in his shoulder. He bellowed, as quietly as he could, for his unit was scattered, and mostly dead after the battle.


An equally wounded woman came out of the brush to walk next to Tulvir, trying to shoosh him. Tulvir did not notice.


Maria contemplated Tulvir for a moment. "Tulvir. You're the size of a large Shed."


14th March

Summer Day -- Lesthem

Coulson Blue

Coulson squinted, looking into the opening beneath the tangle of gnarled tree trunks. It was tall enough for a man to walk through without stooping. He eyes were having trouble penetrating the gloom, so he shielded his eyes and leaned forward.

Step forward, said a raspy voice from the darkness.

"Uh.. what?" Coulson stammered, confused. He scratched his chin.

Only silence issued from the hollow.

He stepped forward.

You have stepped forward and proclaimed yourself a Hero. Only time will tell if you actually are.

"Wait, hold on a second. That's it?!"

He felt a hesitation in the darkness. Then, Yes. That's how it works.

"Oh. Great."

15th March

Summer Day -- Neralle

Osgar Haidvogel

"Oi! What are you lookin' at?!" *random act of violence*

Osgar Haidvogel

"How I love this Island!" Osgar said and spat out, returning to his Playstation "Making stupid jokes and dont givin a sht bout bananas makes me feel happy in me tummy!" Osgar said and smoked a bong....


Alparslan Kalkandelen

Alparslan wonders regarding Playstation is it a fruit, vegetable or some kind of weapon.

19th March

Summer Evening -- Cave of Guilt

Coulson Blue

After torturing the Sandal scout, Coulson had a tune stuck in his head. Damn bards.

For hours he hummed the same tune, unable to be rid of the silly jingle. The fermented punch might help, he thought, and he downed an entire cask. Much of it missed his mouth, but his need was great.

Thoroughly inebriated, it struck him as a fantastic idea to compose his own song. Replace it with something better.. so he sang.

A peach will reach if you huck it hard,
And a plum will thrum from a sling.
A pip will zip from the end of a whip,
And a pea will bee like a sting!

The Sandals sing and they think they're hard,
But I know the truth of it, gents.
We'll flog em with fruit, and veggies to boot,
And we'll compost our trash in their tents!

26th March

Summer Day -- Falens

Osgar Haidvogel

The Baron of Astin was overseeing the construction of some light fortifications in the mountains to the north when he decided to take a break and go for a walk. He stumbled over a recruitment center and asked himself what proud soldiers his lands may produce.

It was a rather small wooden hut attached to some kind of tent. Goats where lying around in some corners and in the middle of the tent a leathery old man was busy cooking something that emited an evil stench. The face of the man had the same color and structure as his leather armor but his smile was as bright as the sunlight, interesting enough the man was also barely tall enough to reach the Barons shoulder. "Oh! It must be our new Lord! We have been waiting for you to arrive! Come sit with us and eat! Have some goat stew! Or do you prefer fruit like the fancy man from the big settlement in the far west?" The Baron had no idea what was going on but tried some of the stew, it was fine despite the smell.

"Come me Lord! You must see the recruits!" Infront of the hut a dozen, of what seemed to be kids, tried to hit each other with wooden sticks "Once they done training they are allowed to drive nails through their clubs and join the Kings army!" not able to decide if he should burst into laughter or beeing sorry for those poor souls the Baron couldnt keep shaking his head when the small men smiled and said "We couldnt decide on a name for them either, too many small tribes, all from different valleys but.... Kingsmen call us the `Mountain Midgets`! Not sure what it means, someone told us: small man from mountain. We think it is name that fits and so we keep it!"

28th March

Summer Day - Lesthem

Osgar Haidvogel

Rise of the Mountain Midgets! ==== The Baron of Astin still was wondering what the 11 Special Forces from Ikalak where searching around here when he heard something behind him. Sword in hand he was ready to attack when he saw the leathery old man from the mountains, behind him maybe 2 dozen more. Slightly younger but still over-tanned, they looked somehow grim. Like a gang of children in the gutters about to stab you to death with a thousand needles because you refused to give them your apple.

You shouldnt sneak up to me like that in times of war...

-Yes me Lord! War it is!

Yes... war it is. So what brings you here?

-Our infantry recruitment center has the maximum amount of recruits ready and waiting!

Waiting for what...?

-To be send into battle!

Its quite dangerous...

-We know! Thats why we bring only our finest warriors!

These are your finest Warriors?

-Yes me Lord! We have the Chieftain of the Cavedwellers Tribe, Ingor the Iceclimber, Tall Ivar...

This one actually really looks quite tall...

-Thats his wife Iva... next to her son Ivag the even taller who claims to have seen a Beppo...

Yesyesyes... fine men, and women, I bet but do you really want to leave your homes to die somewhere in the... -We never leave our homes...

Good.... how about you go and watch the Palisade?

-The great wall of thorns?

Yes... and take some scouts with you...

-Our most skilled hunter was injured by a goat recently and so we had to shut down the....

This is ridiculous...

-Indeed! Goats are usualy shy animals... we think he must have suprised them while they were mating...

Please leave...

The Baron somehow felt safer with some mystical mountain creatures defending his lands and thought to himself: "We have some Tinkerers, a Palisade, Grannary, Scouts Guild, 20 Redhaired Maidens from Taselak and now the Mountain Midgets... maybe a Healers Guild and I bet we could win this war with Astin alone!"