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8th August

Summer Evening -- Taselak

Bam Townsend

I crawled myself out of some drunken stupor in an old whorehouse and a village I don't even know the name of. Shouldn't I partied so hard when I join the Realm. LOL but I am at my unit are ready for action. What seems to be better orders?

Coulson Blue

"just use the blue paper, and write 'Hammer Time.' and send it on its way, Nathan!"

"Sir, you just want me to send 'Hammer Time?' to all of Taselak?"

"What? Not a good idea?"

9th August

Summer Day -- Astin

Scein Dubhaine

The wind picked up as the battered armies of Taselak drew nigh to Fort Astin, catching the folds of Scein's banner as she led the column, billowing it into a roiling sea of black silk until it stretched out behind her like a tattered scar in the pre-dawn glow.

It was many years since The Terror last took personal charge of Taselak's war machine, her strange undeathly existence having long since distanced her from the good knights and burghers of her adopted homeland. They called her The Hidden Hand and her influence reached wherever Taselak's banner flew but few knew her face even amongst the councils of the Shield. Today though her fierce countenance was visible for all to see, helm discarded to reveal unblemished features, as beautiful and deadly as the polar storms.

Scein's ice-blue eyes waxed bright like star sapphires, fuelled by the same cold fury which infected the men and beasts under her command. This was the power which bound her here, the curse from which she could not free herself without releasing a much greater evil than her own. She alone had looked upon the face of the Beppo and remained sane, for she alone bore a shard of the Beppo in her soul.

"Charge you misbegotten sons of perdition!" the hurriedly assembled siege engines crashed against the wooden palisade and Scein was eager to be at the enemy, her plan the continuing rejection of all conventional military wisdom. Cavalry do not attack walls. Cavalry sit back and let infantry attack walls. For the second time in recent days Scein would do things her way and Beppo take the hindmost.

"Ma'am?" Captain Andreina could barely control her mount, its bloodshot eyes swivelling and foam bubbling from its nostrils, her cheek scabbed and stitched from the first Battle of Astin.

"Oh for Taselak's sake, just bloody try and keep up Andreina!" Scein spurred her steed forward, the Black Banner streaming behind her as the ranks of archers and infantry parted before her, careless of the hail of arrows from the Fort's defenders. Here and there arrows found their mark and riderless horses ran wild, the frenzy instilled by their mistress adding to the heat and confusion of battle.

"Come out you Beppo worshipping cowards!" and damn if they didn't. For the second time in a week they couldn't help themselves, their master's hunger for his stolen essence overriding all sense and reason as the soldiers of Ikalak threw themselves against Taselak's riders. And for the second time in a week Scein howled with joy as her blade drunk deep on Ikalakian blood.

Harambe Foote

Harambe looked around him, the small marketplace was buzzing with activity. Bulky fingers dug into his scalp as lice squirmed through the unkempt hair.

"Sir Harambe," a messenger struggled to catch his breath, "reports indicate that Duke Renodin has been committing random acts of violence in the region."

The ape-like man looked at his fingernails. No luck this time. With disappointment he nodded his head at the messenger. As the insignificant member of the story left the scene, Harambe began to focus on an old lady with a cane. She was coming towards him. Crowds could be seen but they did not matter, too far away. This little grandmother though, she was within reach.


Harambe's large fist slammed into the side of the elderly lady's head. With his yellow grin he turned to the vendor behind him. There was no time to worry about lil' ole grandma, random acts of violence always works up an appetite. Not that Harambe would normally do such things, he was a civilized man after all. But, if it is good enough for Duke Renodin, then it is good enough for Harambe.

"Why stop there?" Harambe thought, well to the extent that he thinks, "why not steal this lovely pear from the vendor." So he took a pear and ate it. All of it. Without ever looking away from the awestruck vendor.

It was only after he finished his snack that Harambe realized there was an entire cart of bananas just a few meters away. What followed would be a day this little village, would never forget.

Iris Ketchum

As the men and women bearing banners of Taselak moved into battle positions in Astin, Iris led her men as well. Ikalak tried to reinforce Astin. Truly this would be a battle to remember by her generation.

As a familiar woman led the Taselak army charge against Astin wall, Iris ordered her men to unleash their arrows. Their arrows found mark on an unlucky Ikalak noble as the arrows being rained upon, one lone Taselak noble breached Astin wall. Suddenly the impregnable wall is no longer a concern. As Ikalak nobles poured forth from inside the wall realising they need to engage Taselak ranged forces, Iris ordered her men to unleash another volley of arrows. She led her men closer to the wall as she saw Ikalak nobles falling back. Realising victory was about to be have, she ran faster as her legs carry her, her men followed suit. Battle of Astin was over at last.

Scribbling a word "Victory" on Astin wall, Iris looked around the battlefield. Many wounded men and women lying around, scattered as the crows gathered to have their desserts. Turning her head to the familiar face who led them to victory, Iris shouts a complement "Thanks Beppo and yourself for we have another victory."

11th August

Summer Day -- Taselak

Harambe Foote

"Sir Harambe," the puny military advisor spoke carefully, "orders to send out the scouts have arrived."

Harambe took another bite of his banana as he pondered what he wanted to do. Sending out scouts was boring and he wanted to play. Still, he was duty bound to serve the realm of Taselak. "Puny man scout," he grunted, "me no scout, me want play." Without hesitation Harambe threw his half eaten banana at his military advisor. Roaring laughter filled the tent as the fruit slammed against the well dressed officer.

"About that," he cleared his throat as he wiped off the yellow splatter, "our banana reserves are dangerously low."

Harambe quit laughing, seeing as he was the only one to laugh, the tent fell quiet. Snapping his finger, he summoned the scribe...

16th August

Summer Day -- Taselak

Harambe Foote

Harambe sat in his new manor, here in Taselak City. The loss of Kerfort left Harambe without an estate and has forced him to swear fealty to a different lord and duke. A small tear soaked into the banana-less refugee's beard.

Summer Evening -- Astin

Coulson Blue

Coulson hollowed out two pineapples, a cucumber, and found some twine. Twenty minutes later he was playing a tune and singing the beppo song for all to hear.

27th August

Summer Evening -- Taselak

Harambe Foote

Harambe juggled three bananas as Captain Rudgar handed out gold to the Banana Slingers. Tired were the men from another long day of training. Eager smiles stretched across their weary faces as they looked forward to a night of drinking and gambling.

28th August

Summer Day -- Taselak

Harambe Foote

Harambe started gesturing at his translator. The order to scout all surrounding regions and fetch Harambe five watermelons and a large hammer was given. Harambe smiled playfully as a few men left the room to fetch the fruit...