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1st February - Inauguration Address

Fellow nobles of Fontan,

You have placed a solemn obligation upon my shoulders to mete High Justice and defend all regardless of rank or title. I will do my utmost to fulfil this duty.

I am mindful that the majority of you supported other candidates and I wish you all to feel that the Law stands equally as your defender in matters of dispute regardless of your rank. Fontan is much more than an alliance of Duchies, she is the sovereign embodiment of the will of her nobility and none stands higher before the Law than another.

None amongst us has higher claim to justice or the protection of the Law, and none amongst us has more right to speak their mind than another.

Let us remember that as nobles our first responsibility is to comport ourselves as such. When we transgress we should acknowledge that fact, when we offend we should seek to moderate our tone, and where we draw offence from the acts of another we should listen to our heads and not our hearts.

Those who hold high office should remember that they are the servants of Fontan and are as bound to the welfare of their vassals as their vassals are to render service. Nor does any among us stand different in kind to his neighbour.

We stand as the sole bastion of noble liberty and we must never forget the solemn duty which binds us all. Therefore let us be mindful of the dangers of tyranny and seek not for that taint in the hearts of others unless we have first sought it in our own and taken action to curb its seductive whispers.

Have we not seen enough of the damage which such airs and graces can cause to the realm? Who here has forgotten the agonies of the Civil War? We have seen Dukes act as if they were Sovereign Lords, raising their standards in defiance of our Laws and each time we have possessed the courage to reject their hollow and worthless claims as unconscionable. We who have already freely given our blood and sweat and tears in the defence of liberty must yet never turn aside from that duty.

In this the Law will always stand as the rod and support of Fontan and it is that protection of the liberty of each and every one of us which makes us the mighty people that we are.

For Fontan!