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Ad furorem Normannorum libera nos, Domine
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Price: 1 silver coins Main editors: Xaphan, Rognak


The Asgard Informer will replace the now defunct Norland News as propagandist newsrag of Norland. We dedicate ourselves every day to bring you news so twisted and biased, even Odin himself will not know fact from fiction. Why? Because people are generally stupid beings, and they will believe anything as long as you repeat it enough. The people of the Cagilan Empire are living examples of this statement. Though not as editted as much as it should, or providing as much in depth detail as some of you may like we are proud of our propaganda to information ratio, showing that even without flashy numbers and shiny wordings everywhere we can still provide a large amount of fiction for your reading.


  • Issue Five:February, 2009.Coverage of the Northern Federation's break up
  • Issue Four:December, 2008.Details of the current war with Minas Ithil.
  • Issue Three: February, Includes coverage of the entrance of BoM into the war.
  • Issue Two: Holiday Season - includes coverage of the campaign for Elost and a new and tougher screaming chicken on Norland's flag.
  • Issue One: Summer - Includes an exclusive interview with Krypton the Bold, Prime Minister of Norland.


Alongside any place that sells the Asgard Informer it is not uncommon to see the following poster: Asgard Informer/Enlist Now!

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