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The House of Sussex

The House of Sussex is a cadet offshoot of the House of Octavius. There are three active members of the Sussex family in the realms of men. Each one is very different in their personalities and ambitions.

Alfhelm Sussex

Alfhelm is a noble in service of Highmarch on the East Continent as their Chief of Commerce. Formerly he served briefly as the Prime Knight of Vix Tiramora.

Alfhelm is a passionate believer in democracy and maintains an interest in the mysterious arts of magic.

Grimwald the Black

Grimwald the Black is a distant and malevolent relative of Alfhelm. He has made his home in Outer Tilog in the Colonies where he indulge his murderous desires and advance his evil ambitions in the company of like-minded nobles.

Ashwoda Sussex

Ashwoda and Alfhelm are cousins. She began life as a traveller and sailed across the world. But while sailing across the sunken lands of Atamara she came across an ancient Ashlantean artefact floating on the waves.

From then on her life and very personality changed utterly. She sailed to the isles of D'Hara on Dwilight where she now pursues a cause known only to herself.