Outer Tilog (Realm)

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Perversely Odd Lands Known As Democratic Outer Tilog

Island Colonies
Capital Outer Tilog
Largest City Unknown
Government Democracy

Duchies 3
Regions 0
Population 0
Gold 3392
Food 905
Nobles 14
Bone Chair Entity Silenus
Minister of Offense Varaziel
Minister of Injustice Donagal
Kepper of Fluff and Hair Dentara

Welcome to Outer Tilog

We are small and dark land whose inhabitants worship evil gods with animal and sometimes human sacrifices. We do, however, have our own brand of humour, as shown by the fact that a thumb screw is our realms standard.

Ironically, Outer Tilog is the only democratic realm in the Colonies. Council meetings usually consist of a lot of shouting, some fighting, general insults, and a decision when one side has been beaten into submission.

Poisoners Guild

  • The Tome

Chancellor(ix) Office

Do not meddle in the affairs of Outer Tilog for you are crunchy and taste good with barbecue sauce.

Ministry of Injustice

  • Tilogian Law - A collection of rules, regulations, and things to ensnare you with.
  • Judge Devices - Our dread justicar's most lovely toys: ThumbScrews & HeadCruscher
  • Traitors - how Outer Tilog deals with its traitors
  • Executions - Head removal for the whole family!

Notable Tortures

Ministry of Offense

Did anybody say Defense? What's that?

WARS: Outer Tilog is currently at war with former ally, Giblot, and Wetham. We are currently allied with The Assassin Guild, and with a former enemy, Lukon. Otherwise, we are at Peace with the rest of the Island (Rest? There's anything else left?)

Ministry of Finance

Separating you from your finances for longer than you're legally allowed to remember! Demonstrate your devotion to the government by asking about our two-for-one special; we'll send another goon squad agent round to let you experience the thrill of a second tax audit.

Outer Tilog Office of Documents

Has someone asked you to do something you don't want to do? Simply follow the rules, and make them fill out a form! The Outer Tilog Office of Documents is here to provide red tape for those time when you really want to make sure nothing gets done, fast.

Society for Integrity in Culinary Kitchens

World renowned cuisine that's to die for. Why not impress all your snooty, high-society friends by having them over for dinner?

Ministry of Entertainment & Tourism

Need to get rid of that old nag of a wife? A few too many brats running around the castle? Bring them on a thrilling and educational vacation to Outer Tilog! We guarantee that you'll be able to shed at least one family member to one draconian law or another before sundown the first night. In no time at all they'll be adorning our sacrificial altars and you'll be free to return home with a much lighter familial burden.

Racks. Iron maidens. Branding irons. Thumbscrews. Just some of the fascinating implements you'll get firsthand experience with when you vacation in fascinating Outer Tilog! By the end of your stay, you'll be begging for more!

Apostles of the Abyss

What's down there in that dark hole? Let's go look .... AAARRRRRGGGGHH!!!! CHOMP!

The Abyss is bottomless. It encompasses all space, all life, all death. It is timeless, yet eternal. It spawns forth an endless supply of demons - some greater, some lesser, some deadly, some merely ticklish.

Stare into the Abyss ... let it welcome your flesh and consume your soul.

  • The Greater Demons of Outer Tilog - A little guide to the demons of Outer Tilog
  • Outer Tilog for Kids - Nobody can ever accuse Outer Tilog of not catering for the small folk. The small folk in this case being the cannibal leprechauns of the Dimension of Pain and Suffering; however, we're also kind to small children. Join the ever smiling Chancellor Dethargos on this page just for kids! Of course, there's nothing stopping you from coming in and taking a look for yourself. Except for that ancient curse which will doom you unto the seventh generation. Just kidding! It's more like the fifth.

Hop right in! The Demon God of Clowns DEMANDS YOUR FEALTY!