Daubeny Family

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Daubeny Family
Fame 27
Wealth 1297
Home Region Keffa
Home World Beluaterra

The Daubeny Bloodline are all descendants of the Great Hero Leonidas the I. They hail from an Isle north of Dwilight called the Isle of Stone.

The Isle is ruled by three Houses which over the centuries have all begun to intertwine with the Daubeny Bloodline.

House of Sunstone and Seaside

The House of Sunstone and Seaside are often known as Heroes, Martyrs and Warriors without equal.

Often glad in shining silver armor and armed with long glaives and bows, their Houses and Realm was defended by the Dawn Guard.

In current years the House of Sunstone is all but extinct with the destruction of Sunstone Keep and the Deaths of Marcus and Hervis Daubeny.

Members of the House of Sunstone

Aerin Daubeny

Aerin was a Dame of Farrowfield and Chief Ranger of the Isle, she has since retired and lived with her Twin Brother Damian until Damian's Death in the Battle of Stonepass

Marcus Daubeny

Marcus was former Grand Master of Obia'Syela and Hero of Avengmil. He passed peacefully, his soul finding its well deserved rest.

Hervis Daubeny

Hervis was a cavalier in the service of Tol Goldora and Lord Commander of the Dawn Guard. He died in the Siege of Sunstone Keep holding back the Blackstone Legion whilst the women and children escaped, it is said he was the Last Defender to die.

Elizabeth Daubeny

Elizabeth is the only confirmed living member of the House of Sunstone. She is daughter of Hervis and future noble of Obia'Syela.

Cedrik Daubeny

Cedrik was a hermit, taking to the company of animals in the cold northern reaches of Thalmarkin, he died of old age in peace.

House of Seaside

Micheal Daubeny

Micheal is a Merchant Prince of the Isle. He is currently a Knight of Yssrgard trying to rebuild his family's standing on the East Continent but in recent months has broken all contact with his homeland. Choosing to strike out against the world on his own.

Aeron Daubeny

Aeron is the Last Prince and de facto Head of the Isle. He is currently a Knight of Tol Goldora, trying to save his home with the help of the Goldorans.

Alexander Daubeny

Alexander was the Emperor of Taselak, He died in the Battle of Falens.

Alexa Daubeny

Alexa was a Duchess of Taselak, with her brother avenged she took her own life.

House of Moon and Blackstone

The House of Moon and Blackstone are often known as Conquerors, Tyrants and Deceitful Killers without equal.

They are often clad in inky black armor wearing silver skull masks and armed Gladii and crossbows the house is guarded by the Blackstone Legion.

Members of the House of Moon and Blackstone

Sabatheil Blackstone Daubeny

Sabatheil was a Dame of Halcyon and former Domina de Cruciatu (Lady of Torture) for the Legion, she has since retired to the Isle. Where she lived peacefully in her family's Villa until passing away peacefully in the night.

Leona Blackstone Daubeny

Leona was a Noble of Vix Tiramora and former Domina Legatus (Lady Legate) of the Legion leading it under Abigail's rule until her death in the Dark Tides

Apollyon Blackstone Daubeny

Apollyon was an exiled rouge knight and the last living son of Gerald, he is Heir to House Moon and Blackstone. He is the former Primis Legatus (First Legate) of the Legion until he deserted the army to join Perdan, he is also the main cause for the Legion's near destruction. He is assumed to be dead after vanishing during an ambush on the Isle.

Duncan Blackstone

Duncan is an Knight of Thalmarkin and servant of King Dancer Rea.

Gerald Blackstone

Gerald was an Adventurer of Sirion and former Head of the House until he lost his position to his adopted Daughter, Abigail Blackstone, he is assumed dead, this is unconfirmed.

Ibraheil Blackstone

Ibraheil was an Adventurer of Outer Tilog and former Primis Quaesitor (First Seeker) until his death at his adopted sister's orders for failing to lead a successful attack on Apollyon.

Abigail Blackstone

Abigail was the Mistress of the Legion, leading it into it's most dark and brutal era, she led the legion against Perdan in a folly of an attack that cost her life. She was a master of arcane trickery something which seems to remain even in her apparent death. She has since been revived by some unknown means and is a Dame of Portion however in recent weeks has gone missing and appears to be gone for good.

House of Stone

The House of Stone are often known as Guardians and Stalwart Companions. Clad in mighty steel plate armor, the House's warriors are formed into the Stoneborn. In recent years the Stoneborn have been completely eliminated with only one member confirmed to be alive.

Valian Stone

Valian was a Knight of Obia'Syela and Marshal of the Holy Reclaimers, he retired to the Isle.