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Phoenix Empire of Halcyon


The Burning Phoenix of Halcyon

Island Colonies
Capital Alebad
Largest City Alebad
Government Republic

Duchies 2
Regions 10
Population 98,859
Gold 6785
Food 2058
Nobles 12
Consul Antonio Maxwell
Sword of the Republic Imrahil Mormont
Lady Paragon Calla Fate
Master of Commerce Imrahil Mormont
AlebadImrahil Mormont
AlowcaCalla Fate
Bode BaturaHercules von Lucker
GrentzenMay Ketchum
IrdalniJamir Jaden
Maira MeraniAntonio Maxwell
OritolonCaravanthian Arylon
Rola SierrieFey Twix Everlight
Vir el Mari heightsJames Stewart

The Sovereign Republic of Halcyon was founded by Kharyn Kye JeVondair, Duchess of Alebad, in 2017 when Oritolon seceded the Duchy of Alebad to form a new sovereignty. Around the walls of Alebad a resilient and budding nation was built, strongly focused on maritime culture, martial prowess and trading enterprises. The Realm is dominantly influenced by equality of the peerage which is etched into laws and rules of Halcyon and major political changes or differences are settled by votes of the nobility.



The Sovereign Republic of Halcyon was founded when, at the behest and command of the Colonial Senate, Oritolon was tasked with seceding the Duchy of Alebad in adherence to Colonial rules that no one land shall have more than one city. Kharyn, then Fiduciary and Marshal in Oritolon, volunteered and was selected by Pippa Anderbliss, Queen of Oritolon, to reign as Duchess of Alebad and see to the formation of the new realm. Knights from many prominent families soon arrived to sign their names to the foundations of the new polity, selecting to become a Republic on the name and imagery of Halcyon after many days of discussion and healthy debate. At its beginning Halcyon was a small realm sandwiched between larger, older powers, playing a cautious game focused on economics and diplomacy to maintain the sovereignty.

Halcyon eventually found themselves standing side by side with their federated partner from Oritolon in a war against the abominations from Outer Tilog. It was a long war, one of those wars that appear to have stopped time and engulfed the warring parties in a deadlock. Still, the spirit of Halcyon was weakened and little by little the realm suffered dramatic losses. At one point the Republic was left with only Alebad still flying the banner and the end appeared imminent and unavoidable. But with few new immigrants coming from faraway lands and continents the realm suddenly found a glimpse of life and a chance for a stronger future. Little by little the new and the old started to make small gains, minor victories and then pushed forward towards the most important milestone that directed Halcyon's future into something more - the Battle of the Hooves.

Renaissance Era

Loss of Alebad

Battle of the Hooves was a large battle that happened in Bode Batura. It included the armies of Oritolon and Halcyon on one side and Outer Tilog on the other. To this day the Battle of the Hooves remains one of the most important of battles in Halcyon's history as it marked a shift in the war and allowed a first majestic victory for the southern federation. The survivors and historians have named the battle as such due to the importance the cavalry made on that day. The powerful charge of the southern riders carried the battle to victory against all odds and once again crowned a mounted knight a champion of the battlefield. After the battle Halcyon finally tasted victory and started to make serious gains that brought them closer to victory. The battle marked the beginning of the renaissance era as the Court of the Republic was swelling with competent noble Houses and bright and engaging future. The war eventually ended and it made Halcyon rich in land, repute, influence and ultimately victorious and triumphant. However, days after war has ended Halcyon was ruptured from within as the end of war allowed free passage for nobles of Outer Tilog. This was corruptly used by Governor of Alebad, Johannes von Lunkhofen, to break off from Halcyon and realign the capital of the Republic to Outer Tilog. This treason left the government shocked and paralyzed as Alebad represented half of the realm's economy and best infrastructure, which was now in the hands of someone else.

War of Southern Justice

Despite the theft of Alebad Halcyon maintained an uneasy and shaky peace with Outer Tilog. Simultaneously, the South was in commotion and upheaval for the preparation of a second war against Outer Tilog which will eventually be known as the War of Southern Justice. For several months Halcyon lobbied for political and military support which resulted by both Oritolon and Portion coming to their aid. In the same time, Phoenix Legion has begun to amass a great host in the new capital Alowca. By the time when the drums of war began to pound again, Halcyon and Oritolon gathered an army of almost 2.000 soldiers and stormed the walls of Alebad in a decisive and clear victory. The siege of Alebad was immediately followed by a friendly takeover of the city as the sturdy citizens eagerly welcomed back their saviors. Johannes von Lunkhofen was eventually apprehended and then burned alive in a public ceremony. Another battle later ensued in Bode Batura which was, once again, a clear victory for Halcyon and their allies. Few days later, the war ended after having lasted for less than two weeks. The War of Southern Justice saw Halcyon triumphantly return to their maiden city and their star was once again on the rise.

Phoenix Empire

On 2/10/23, Consul Antonio Maxwell, declared:

Effective Immediately:

By order of the Consul of Halcyon, the government is being reorganized to the Phoenix Empire of Halcyon. We are leaving the old republic and we will fight together as the Phoenix would to cleanse the lands of the inpurity that plagues this island. Be forewarned that we will no longer tolerate incursions into our lands by The Dominion or the Lich King. In addition, we will no longer tolerate the evil that is the Covenant of the Undying which by design is to take away all that is good from this world. The other realms may have forgotten the evil that is the Undead Dominion, but we shall not. We will either rid them from this continent or die trying.

Land and People

Land that falls under Halcyon's domain is very rich and strategically important. Bustling and powerful cities are surrounded by lush and fertile farmlands that offer bountiful harvests and every here and there a fresh and unique piece of land exists that makes the domain very diversified and highly prized.

The city of Alebad is a traditional capital of Halcyon and a claim of Duke of Serenissima that emanates the greatest influence on the lands and people of Halcyon. Alebad shares the borders with the great Alebadian River and the open seas and represents the only coastline crossing point to the south and to Alowcan peninsula. People of Alebad are a maritime folk whose chief business revolves around the waters, fish and salt. Distilleries rake in product from the surrounding rural farmlands to produce all manner of alcohols that serve as Halcyon's chief export. Developed economy and exotic wares make the city a giant trading hub and long-voyage galleons and caravels frequent the harbors day and night. Alebad is surrounded by Abakan forest to the south and a vast stretch of farmed lands that stretch from Vir el Mari heights to Bode Batura and end with Maira Merani in the north.

To the south the most recognizable landmark of Halcyon's dominion are the palm jungles of Irdalni and the city of Alowca, a centerpiece of power in the Terra Meridionale, Halcyon southernmost Duchy. The jungle lands of Irdalni are unique habitat in all of Colonies that offers some of the most unusual animals ever seen. Sand creatures known as camels are available there and at least once a year the locals see small herds of elephants. South of Irdalni the city of Alowca defies the passing of time as she continues to survive and thrive against extremely vicious and tumultuous history she's been through. Her gleaming towers stand the tallest in all of the south and her massive lighthouses orchestrate and direct sea traffic around the peninsula. The westernmost stretch of land on the peninsula is known as Warmanoras, a fertile and large region that abounds with animals, making animal husbandry a dominant preoccupation for the locals.

People of Halcyon are very religious and extremely god-fearing beings as each generation inherited severe religious influence from past realms that thrived here. Extreme theocratic principles are engraved and steeped deep in the history of this land as former Theocracies of Alebad and Alowca held considerable influence. Theocratic structures were later replaced by Electorate of Minas Thalion and the Dominion of Aren but the deeply rooted beliefs never ceased to exist or leave the pious people of Halcyon.

Ruling Line

Ruler Reign Began Reign Ended Notes
Sovereign Kharyn Kye JeVondair August 14, 2017‎ October 6, 2017 Founder and first ruler of Halcyon. Little was preserved on her accomplishments or ways of ruling.
Sovereign Antonio Maxwell October 6, 2017 Unknown A founding member of Halcyon who helped fight off the incursions of Outer Tilog into the realm
Consul Vrelar Rousseau October 6, 2018 January 6, 2020 Ruled the Republic during her dark days when walls of Alebad was all that remained between Halcyon and their enemies.
Grand Doge Monford Velaryon January 6, 2020 October 6, 2020 His rule began in the Renaissance Era and saw the expansion south to Alowcan Peninsula, liberation of Alebad and reclamation of northern provinces.
Consul Caravanthian Arylon October 6, 2020 May 6, 2021 Founded Sacris Incendium. Confronted the Colonial Senate over their attempts to force Halcyon to abandon one of its cities, ultimately leading to the stunning dissolution of the Senate and acknowledgment of Halcyon's sovereignty. Presided over a massive expansion of the Republic, making it the preeminent power on the continent.
Consul Canut Snodaert April 6, 2021 May 6, 2021 The third member (after Monford Velaryon and Caravanthian Arylon) of what has become known to history as the 'Phoenix Triumvirate, Canut had reluctantly stepped forward to lead Halcyon in order to preserve the gains and reforms realized during the reign of his two predecessors when it became clear that the Consulship might otherwise slip into the hands of a troubling alternative. Upon leading Halcyon through those times of uncertainty, he stepped aside for former Consul Antonio.
Consul Antonio Maxwell May 6, 2021 January 6, 2022 After recovering Alebad back from the waves of the Undead Dominion, the realm wanted a peace brokered between UD and Outer Tilog. Antonio stepped up and helped solidify the realm restoring the capitol to the historic place. Contributed to the Lich King War which involved cooperation with Outer Tilog.
Consul Aveline Calder January 6, 2022 September 17, 2022 Aveline stated that her goal was to lead the realm into a Goldern Era. In her tenure, Halcyon remained the strongest realm on the continent and continued to resist the pressures applied toward it by the other realms, but it did decline slightly in size and influence.
Consul Antonio Maxwell September 17, 2022 Currently serving Antonio, in his third Consulship, presided over a continent-wide conflict, with every realm united in opposition to the imperial growth of Halcyon. The realm emerged from that conflict unscathed, and ultimately expanded further due to advances in administrative capabilities, restoring the territory once held under the rule of the Phoenix Triumvirate. Antonio was also forced to deal with the massive expansion of the Undead Domniion's territories, and the provocations of the Lich King toward the entire continent.


Nobility of Halcyon chose the republican system of government chiefly to differentiate themselves from the many monarchies on the Colonies. All ruling council positions are subject to regular votes and the region Lords need to win the favor of the majority to be installed as provincial Senator. Perhaps unique to this young culture is that rather than establishing traditional titles, Sovereign Kharyn encouraged all newly elected council officials to choose their own titles. The idea being that if they did a good or respectable job, their successors might choose to continue their legacy by maintaining and passing on the title their predecessors chose.

Open discussion and debates are often promoted in the great court of the Republic, yet a smaller and more tightly formed smaller council exists. The Council of the Seven was created by Grand Doge Monford Velaryon which serves as a governing body within the Republic. Its purpose is to filter smaller and sometimes overburdening matters before they are presented to wider audiences, but also more sensible and sometimes secret matters which makes membership in the Council a highly sought after and prized position. The Council is composed of elected officials, the Dukes and two additional nobles.



  • Brewmaster's Army - defunct standing army of Halcyon. It was familiar for black and blue colors, banners and sigil of city of Alebad. The army's most renowned victory was in the Battle of the Hooves. Eventually it was closed down during the Renaissance of the Republic and Halcyon's transformation to a major power in the south.
  • Phoenix Legion - active standing army of Halcyon, recognizable for its golden-red colors, phoenix insignia and sigil of city of Alowca. The army's triumphant siege of Alebad in the War of Southern Justice represents a milestone and testimony of their prowess and bravery.
  • Vermillion Knights - The Vermillion Knights represented a knightly brotherhood of Halcyon's southern demesnes, organized into one devoted entity that defended it. Only high nobility of the land were entitled to serve in this army, and the army's most distinguishable mark were the vermillion cloaks. The Vermillion Knights were founded and controlled by former Grand Doge and Duke Monford Velaryon, and were later on succeeded by Knights of the Republic in the aftermath of Monford's death.
  • Knights of the Republic - Successor army of the Vermillion Knights, renamed and sponsored by Consul Caravanthian Arlyon.

Phoenix Wars

List of Halcyon's wars and conflicts.