Ketchum Family

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Ketchum Family
Fame 37
Wealth 21167
Home Region Abaka
Home World Colonies

Ketchum Family. The family home is situated in Abaka region on Colonies island.

Ash Ketchum The wise male member of the family. He is known to be deep-thinking and sometime conflicted due to dispute with his brother Brock.

May Ketchum The peace-loving female member of the family. She loves peace above all else but is ready to give her all for what she believes and to protect.

Brock Ketchum The hot-headed male member of the family. Left the family home due to a dispute with his brother, Ash. Swear not to return until he regains the honor on his own.

Oak Ketchum He is the odd one and the most adventurous of the family. Find himself lack of adventures at home, so he decides to venture to Atamara.

Gary Ketchum The youngest of the family. He is afraid of the high expectations especially when he feels himself being shadowed by his brother Ash and his sister May achievements.

Brief history from elder members of Oritolon on Colonies island.

Letter from Ash Ketchum

Allow me to shed some light on Hvrek and why his name become infamous among the elder members of our realm, as he was known back then. Recently I able to get hold of some papers on his history from my library.

Hvrek previously hold the position of Duke of Alowca. He was a young blood, someone who made everyone felt charmed with his fire spewed campaign which charmed most of us. He has a younger brother who takeover Lord of Iglavik when it become vacant. Thus, he hold 2 high positions, something we should have discouraged from the start. Then his brother found a religion which is very similar to those former priests realms(Alebad and Alowca realms which have been destroyed by us Oritolon and Lukon alliance very long time ago). The religion spreads like fire, gathering quite a number of nobles to their cause. Very soon, the whole nobles in Alowca duchy(Alowca city, Warmanoras and Irdalni) and even including Iglavik(under his brother lordship) are devoted to the evil religion he founded.

We used to do a referendum to elect a region Lord and he abused it by able to command majority of the votes. At that time, the vote is done by all Lords and Ladies, if you have 2 knights serving your region, you have 2 votes. The more knights, the more votes you have. This is how Hvrek finally trained his eyes on the big prize, The Rulership of our Oritolon realm.

If you check our elder members of the realm family background, you will find we have something in common; We have been banned by a Judge Katherine who is the tool literally by Hvrek himself. She banned half the realm nobles(Most nobles of Duchy of Oritolon that Hvrek found suspicious). We started our own Rebellion and a campaign to free our beloved Oritolon from his cruel grasp. But he acted fast, by banning most of us by using the Judge, which he put in his puppet. He even exiled Sir Spearhead, our Royal previous Ruler of our realm.

Very soon, we started our Rebellion. With most of the experienced and battle-hardened knights are on our side, we had not much problem of succeeding.

(OOC: From a game perspective, player of Hvrek has multi accounts with all players of the knights/nobles in Alowca duchy are his accounts. The ending of our Rebellion concluded with bug I think, as Hvrek and his multi accounts got banned, but we have bug of Rulership election referendums where we unable to vote anyone because hey, we are still banned from Oritolon, thanks to that fast finger Judge who ban us all in a matter of second.)