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Taraicon.png Picnu

A hard land to live, as the soil is hard to farm. Only the most persistent families of Tara have make Picnu their homeland. The people of this land must always be on guard to detect on time comings of monster, undead or enemy troop. All of these make the troops raised in Picnu some of the more disciplined troops in Tara.

But not all is a challenge in our land, the realm famous Picnu´s steak can be found in our famous tavern "Rising Sun". Where Meik and his family make all knights, travellers and adventurer´s stomach happy to spend some days under his roof.

Taraicon.png Troops

  • Picnu Pigstickers - Archers

Taraicon.png Paraphernalia

  • Scouts

Taraicon.png Local Commodities

Duchies and Regions of Tara - February 2009
Duchy of Aja

Chato | Cori | Inxi | Mapo | Picnu | Tichi

Duchy of Foda

Aigaling | Alcatil | Andurus | Jagla | Ledunds | Tandsu

Duchy of Tucha

Currently none

Duchy of Stargard

Byblack | Meldeen

Duchy of Tarasac


Imperial Regions

Currently none