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Merry New Wish List!

Hope no one minds if I start this off again. Anyone want to copy the actual wishes from the old tiki? I'm lazy, maybe if they are really wishes the wishers themselves can do that. Olik 16 September 2005 21:39 (CEST)

The old Wish List was pretty much left un-used for most of the tiki's finally months. it'd be pointless to drag it over -- Revan

Archery Tournament

Hmm. isn't the archery tournament one of the frequently shot-down suggestions? --John 21 September 2005 22:12 (CEST)

Indeed, and I've put it under that section. Which brings up a point of courtesy: if we see wishes in here that we know belong at the bottom (or, worse yet, are already there), should we simply delete them? --Anaris 26 September 2005 18:02 (CEST)
Here, correctness should outweigh politeness, just to avoid having people continue to bring these subjects up on the mailing list. --John 26 September 2005 18:27 (CEST)
That request about diplomats really amused me, because it reminds me of the April Fool's courtier class.... 9 December 2005 15:10 (CET)

City Wish

Tom, just a quick question - one of your comments was that constant redrawing of the maps was the reason to reject the building of the city idea. Well, right now, milita, and your current location show up on the dynamic map, why couldn't you just draw a city similar to that, rather than edit the map. Again, I'm just asking, not trying to be a bother - Peter Kolak

Ugh, and make it cover an entire region without it looking like it was say a Woodland Region before? What if it was a large Woodland region? Plonking a picture of a City in the middle of a bunch of trees would not really be a convincing indicator that this is a new city. Neither would making the picture of the City fit over a large, uneven Woodland region. It'd look silly. The only time I can think of when we would ever need new cities anyway is if a continent becomes to polarised at which point the gods could intervene and try and make a little more balance. Though apparently no-one even cares if the earth moves anymore (throws a disapproving look in the East Islands direction) - Revan
Revan, I see what you're saying, but a city in a forest area looks fine, similar to on the Atamara map, Foda is in a forest. Also, there are some other structures that appear on the map like a squre builing in Tandsu, that I believe is an overlay. But, if the greater point by Tom is that he doesn't want people to be able to change region types, then that's that. However, it would give people more to do than just war and conquest. Building a huge city would be kind of fun, and it could take several weeks, and lots of money which could be some realms' dream. And, the ability to destroy a city could be another realms' dream. It really could make it far more interesting than just capturing a region. Not that I'm complaining, because this game is a dream game, and Tom, hats off to you man, what a hell of a job to pull off one of the best games on the internet! Peter Kolak
Haha, hmm interesting - perhaps Woodland is a bad example. But certainly I don't think putting Small Cities in big regions will look to good. It's worse when you can actually recognise the region borders heh. Besides, won't being able to build Cities, make the big realms stronger and the small realms weaker? We'd end up with an indecent amount of Cities across the landscape I'm sure. I daresay Abington for example could easily build a few in quick succession, seems as they have about 5-6 Cities already (more than enough damnit! :-P) It would just end up unbalancing the game I think. And on another note entirely, I can't see any square building in Tandsu! :-( - Revan
But, every city requires food. Can, just as an example, Abington supply that much food? Every city they build adds a BIG new demand, and REMOVED a former breadbasket area. Also, a city on a former badlands region might be smaller or something, so it'd make sense to leave some of the old terrain.Vellos 19 January 2006 19:35 (CET)
OK, say Tom decides to write the vast amounts of code required to support this. You cheer, you rejoice, you kiss Tom's cheeks....and then you see the requirements, which are: 20000 gold, 100000 bushels of food, and 6 RL months required to build even a town in a rural region. Good luck. ....Seriously, I don't see that as being an exaggeration. Cities don't just appear overnight; they take many years (centuries even) to grow, and they appear in certain places for very good reasons--usually to do with trade. Even if you could build a city, it shouldn't be possible to keep it going without insane amounts of money invested in it over a very long period of time. Now...if you wanted to build a military base of some kind, that would be somewhat more realistic--but should still cost massive amounts. --Anaris 17:49, 7 August 2006 (CEST)
I think that if this option was available, people would construct cities for a tax base and then turn other regions into strongholds (which are the same as rural, but with fortifications, so they provide food). Woodland, Badland, and Townsland would slowly be eliminated while Mountains would be ignored (can't build large structures in the Mountains). After a time, we would have large fortifications in every region, especially key "choke points" on the map (ex. Bescanon, EI). War would turn into hiding behind walls waiting for the other person to attack. And if they did attack, there would be one battle with terrible loses, so everyone would start the fun job of traveling back to the capital to refit. Fredrich 23:43, 5 August 2006 (CEST)

Archer Upkeep

Generally if youre travelling with the army it would be already taken care of. Supplies of arrows would constantly be coming in from your realm. I somehow doubt we'll end up with any Agincourt/Crecy scenarios on Battlemaster. Where your on a totally different continent surrounded by enemies with no allies to aid you ;) And on another note introducing wood as a necessity would be terrible. you'd have to cart it around on a caravan or something which would increase travel times and it'd just turn into a horribly complicated, unbalanced mess :| Best left as it is I think -- Revan

Hmm I guess, but I like messes. :D Makes battles more interesting and unpredictable. I did mean wood should be, in general, more used - as it is, supply vastly outstrips demand because so few things use wood. Olik
We could simply consider that arrows can be bought almost everywhere. And you could see the equipment value as your stock of "best" arrows diminishing. You got to realize that after a battle most arrows don't get broken and can be retrieved.--Castillo 10:39, 19 August 2008 (CEST)

Having a standard format for wishes

Should we have a standard format for wishes to make it nice and clean? eg:

-(Name of Wish, using the second level header (===)) -Documentation of wish -Any other suggestions eg how it could be implemented -A space for people to leave their comments

I thought it might make it easier to read and easier for people to skip to the ones that interest/affect them. DorianGray 13 November 2005 10:23 (CET)

Infiltrator Wishes

(Moved from the front page so we can discuss more freely)

(On prerequisites)

Yes, there are high requirements, and there's good reason for them. It's not desirable to have people just be able to become infiltrators as soon as they join. Everyone should have a period of learning and growing before they can take such a serious step. --Anaris 17 January 2006 18:59 (CET)

How then about having played your character for a certain or been in your realm for an amount of days?
The requirements for infiltrators were considered carefully to preserve game balance. Tom doesn't want you being an infiltrator until you've proven yourself to be "honorable"...the reason I gave above was just one of many, many reasons for keeping the requirements for infiltrators what they are. --Anaris 18 January 2006 16:40 (CET)

(On message interception)

If the Infiltrator were to intercept a message, the sender should be made aware his messanger disappeared on the delivery, and that message should not actually reach anyone if it were truly intercepted. --Peter Kolak 17 January 2006 03:32 (PDT)

First of all, that would be much more of a problem game-wise, and probably code-wise. Secondly, I think it's not too much of a stretch to think that the infiltrator could waylay a messenger, take a look at what he's carrying, and send him back on his way, or even take his place, to finish delivering the messages. --Anaris 18 January 2006 16:40 (CET)

super troops

This has probably been around the buoy but I will send it out again, as I didn’t read it in other wish list stuff

A continuation on the banner theme under the peripherals How about the ability to recruit under the peripherals, advance types of troops, like corporals and Sargent’s for Archers,Calvary,other names as appropriate.

It would be at the same cost for healing centre and you would only get a specific troop corporal infantry, buy another for an Archery Sargent’s These guys could have a moral bonus and attack bonus for your troops, ie instant moral bonus for getting a higher grade of troop, and then moral falls slower due to discipline, equipment damage is reduced due to discipline, training is more effective, and combat is also more effective ie +5% in total over a battle, The down side of these guys is they cost a lot to employ per week 10,15 20 and if you have too many they can cause disruption and friction amongst themselves decreasing the good effects that they have just had possibly going into the negitive and making the unit inefective from conflicting orders. Maybe making only available to cavaliers and heroes giving them some way to train and making them finacially a big effort not avaliable to for the rest.

Your wish should be about two sentances. You might want to try making your wish more consise. Plus, this isn't the Wish List. This is a talk page for the wish list. Talk pages are pages where people can discuss whats on the main page.
Cutting down on some of your examples, would be my first idea. If you need some help, leave a message on my talk page here. ~ Marc J. January 21, 2006 03:33 (CET)

Singling out a foe

This has probaly been said as well but Have your troops target a single troop leader in battle be it the enemy or ally (for a revolution). You could have your troops disregard the genrals orders from the begining or after a certain point and hunt down a chase a single TL and injure/kill them for great hounour and prestige or for massive finical bonus from the caputed TL coffers ie ransom but your personally not the releam. Battle could be won and lost a personal grudge or a massive finacial return. The real life reference for this is battle for agincourt. Where the french went for the ransom option and got caught out ( one of the reasons)

Re: Island export

While I like the idea of intercontinental trade, it's definitely not realistic in a medieval economy. Plus, 'automatic trade' concepts take the fun out of trader players who go back and forth. Eh, just my 2p. Olik 24 January 2006 07:59 (CET)

That wish was mostly based on the Colonies where traders are just about inexistant. Also, it's meant for realms with noone to sell thier surplus to. And if it ever gets to the game, I'm sure the prices for such export will be horrible. Selling to island-native traders would of course be a much better option. Enstance Family

World War

Er...seems to me that the East Continent has had a world war going for years now. This works perfectly fine with current game mechanics, and I'm not really sure what you're looking for the game to provide that it doesn't already. --Anaris 7 February 2006 15:07 (CET)

I think they mean between continents, would probably be too hard to create - --Bishamon Family February 7, 2006 16:55 (CET)
If that's the case, then drop "too hard" and replace with "completely impossible". --Anaris 7 February 2006 17:33 (CET)

That's what I was going for but you said it better. Besides, I like it better with wars being for each continent only. Maybe another game, but not in Battlemaster. --Bishamon Family February 11, 2006 06:29 (CET)

New Wish Category

The miscellaneous section was getting overcrowded, so I moved those relating to Guilds and Religions into their own category, so you'd be able to find things easier. Thought I'd let you all know the reasoning behind it. --Kag 06:59, 1 August 2006 (CEST)

Battle Deployment


I thought about when the Priests new options will be implemented on Beluaterra?Like persecut heretics,claim region etc.....?--M2rt 12:44, 17 November 2006 (CET)

Duels to the Death rewards

At the moment the Duels to the death don't give you any honour and prestige. Why? You risk your life to kill an enemy noble and nobody really cares? You don't get any recognition through honour and prestige. I think duels to the death should be rewarded graciously. e.g. 5 prestige 7 honour. - Shenron

No, repeatedly asked, repeeatedly rejected (cba to look through D-list). You get a Fame point, that should be enough. --The1exile 15:38, 19 November 2006 (CET)

I don't want a stupid fame point. They don't really do anything anyway.Shenron

Then don't duel to death, And fame is a really nice stats - gives you more honour and prestige for new characters allows certain options to be open (or closed) to you... --The1exile 18:25, 21 November 2006 (CET)

I have always hated when people say things like "this part of the game isnt good, cus it dont do anything" when after all its just a stat that means things OOC or just gives a player more power. But thats just me...I think fame is way more cooler then prestiege or honor...but then again thats just me, and I dont weigh the coolness of things just by "what does things" in in-game mechanics. Vashmere 18:48, 21 November 2006 (CET)

I like death dueling for the RP it creates, myself - if I just played for stats, eventuallyI'd be pretty bored ("oh, look at me, I have 300 honour - I can command one more soldier than I could at 250 honour! Aren't I great!")</sarcasm> --The1exile 20:39, 21 November 2006 (CET)

If dueling to the death provided repeatable in-game advantages, then it would be "gamed", or "farmed" for those benefits. It would be too easy for players to take advantage of the system to gather honor and prestige. Yes, it has some risks, but that wouldn't stop people from doing it. Also, don't forget that dueling in and of itself is not an honorable or prestigious act. It is the circumstances behind the duel, the RP for why the duel happened, that determine how honorable or prestigious the duel is. For example, killing someone in a duel because they scuffed your shoes is something that would be neither honorable or prestigious. Dueling the Judge that executed your brother could be honorable, and championing the Queen against an insult could be both honorable and prestigious. The game has no way to determine those types of things, so rewarding a duel with honor and prestige is rather difficult. And don't forget that in some circumstances dueling is illegal, and killing someone in a duel might be considered murder. As such, dueling should make you lose honor and prestige. --Indirik 21:18, 21 November 2006 (CET)

Guidance? And a wish, because I don't know where to put it due to the lack of the previous

It would be nice if someone put up some guidance, either in here or on the wish list itself, as to how exactly we're supposed to treat this list. Do you just add a wish on to the end if you want it, or is there some sort of process for getting a wish added?

That being said, and also because it's sort of early and I'm sure I'll forget I wanted this tomorrow morning, I'll just put the thing I was thinking of in here. I'd like to be able to queue up actions and orders, and have them all happen sequentially as the tick goes through - sort of like traveling, except cancellable without penalty. This is useful when, for instance, I want to use my hours right now because I'm not sure I'll be able to get to the computer later, but if I do get to the computer later, I might want to change my mind depending on what orders I've received. It would also help alleviate the strategic value of late-turn moves, though as a newcomer I haven't the faintest idea what this actually is, I've only heard about it on the mailing list; anyone could get the benefit of doing a late-turn move without actually having to metagame and submit their move orders just before the tick.

It doesn't have to be cost free, though. You could, say, have an Order to "Meet with Seneschal" and plan your day out, which costs an hour; afterwards, until the tick happens, you are considered to be in the meeting with the seneschal, hashing out your plans for the day and as such can only plan activities, not actually carry them out. Enziet

I've seen other internet games do this and really like the idea. Makes the game much more "lightweight." Is it possible? --Calvin November t/c on 05:07, 27 March 2007 (CEST)

Mounted Archers?

So, Tom, is this something we should already have, and are just missing, or is it something in the pipeline? ;-) --Anaris 17:25, 6 May 2007 (CEST)

I think they used to exist... -Chénier 00:54, 7 May 2007 (CEST)
Couldn't you just roleplay your archers being mounted? They don't charge. They don't do melee. They're archers. On horses. That's it. RP it. George the Hippy 01:23, 7 May 2007 (CEST)
Mounted archers typically did charge. Either infront of enemy ranks (parallel to them) or through them. -Chénier 02:01, 7 May 2007 (CEST)

Freshly Rejected

A suggestion for that Infils being able to kill heros. (only) - Fenrir

Would this wish have anything to do with the fact that Medium, Arch Priest of Heen is a Hero, and Fenrir, banned from Heen by Medium, is an infiltrator? =p Van Peteghem 20:20, 12 June 2007 (CEST)
Heh, probably. --Kag 20:11, 22 February 2008 (CET)


Later if I can find the time I'm gonna do some sorting of some wishes, maybe weed out some duplicates in the process, and likely add a few more sub-/categories to make things a bit less crowded. I'm thinking putting a paraphenelia section in under troops and a region improvement section under realms/regions. Maybe an "Economy" section for all those things related to the possible use of resources. If I feel really industrious I might even move some of the larger wishes to a subpage. Any comments? --Kag 20:11, 22 February 2008 (CET)

I would be supportive of some cleanup of the wish list. Sypherwolf 07:55, 23 February 2008 (CET)


Show all messages from "John" (john is a example) This way it is easier to say something about things that you said a few messages before.


Shouldn't this be moved to a more permanent spot? Like the main page. --Athins 01:56, 21 August 2008 (CEST)