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Sorry guys, I've deleted my account because I am a lazy bastard who couldn't be bothered to play. I don't know.. I think as I got more knowledge of battlemaster the less I liked it. The thing that first attracted me to the game was the mystery. Now I know nearly everything, attained every position, been there done that. You know what I mean. Anyways, for anyone who I didn't say goodbye to. I'll say it now and I'm posting this just to tell you I'm still active on the wiki and if you want my MSN or something please contact me through the message log and give me some way to send you my address privately. Nowadays I play the Valencius family but not with much intensity and the characters are paused a lot.

-- Shane O'neil

Have begun playing the Shenron's again!! Please check out my Banners page.

-- Shane O'neil

Shane O'neil
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Hey my name is Shane O'neil. Everyone around here calls me Shenron so I guess, that's it then. No.....wait. Theres more. Of course, my family page and all the stuff that the family members in it have made.

How about a list of realm I've had characters in.....may as well.

Also a very important campaign in my heart is the "Spread the Word" Campaign!! Come on!! Help out and make battlemaster a bigger community. Here are the links.

A word on newspapers and anything to do with wiki styling I'd love to help out. Just ask =).


I love roleplaying.