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Andrew Gwynn
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United States
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A bit about me...

I play four characters on BattleMaster: Sylvia and Aurelias on Beluaterra, Karana on Dwilight, and Larani on the Far East Island. I've played since October of 2005 with a couple hiatuses, one when I needed a break from BM, and a second when real life told me I couldn't have internet for 2 months. A lot of this page is still in the works, as I've not really updated it to any great extent in atleast a year or two (probably longer).

I'm an avid PC gamer, usually I'll play the big name games right as they come out, then get distracted, and come back to them a bit later. A few grab my attention past that. For instance the latest Civilization game will draw me back in every so often. I usually end up playing a game or two of that on Marathon settings at least every couple months. The only genre I don't play as far as video games are concerned are sports games. Past my gaming machine (my PC), I also have a Wii and a 360.

Fun tidbits: I have my own Ventrilo Server, as well as my own website that I run (are we allowed to post links here?), and a second site that I fund simply because I like the site.

The Rest of this Page should be considered "Under Construction"

Contributions to the wiki...