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As you step into the guildhall, you look around at the surroundings. Tapestries and banners from every realm decorate the walls, testament to the guild's wide-ranging reach. Yet despite the obvious opulence, there is almost an aura of efficiency in the room. This is clearly a place where what is needed to be done, is done - no more, no less.


The Emerald Order exists to seek out knowledge, advance learning, and aid in better understanding throughout the different realms of the Far East. Because of its diverse membership, the Order stays out of political conflicts, unless they directly affect one of its members. Advancement in the Order is based not upon physical prowess, but upon desire and willingness to better both oneself and the guild.

Initially founded by Hoshi, current ruler of Svunnetland, in the city of Palnasos, the Order has spread its roots far and wide, and hopes to soon construct its fifth guildhouse. The current full memberlist is not officially known, but it is rumoured that many high-placed nobles from a myriad of different realms are members of the Order.

Not much else is known about the Order. They do not actively seek new members, but instead welcome those who find their way into the guild in their search for knowledge and unserstanding.

Initial Welcome

Greetings members and aspirants of the Emerald Order.

Your first task towards moving up in the ranks is to complete the following...

Please introduce yourself. Tell a bit about who you are and where you have come from. Once your introduction is complete please tell us what you think the definition of honor is and explain how you think one goes about attaining honor and living an honorable life. And finally for this first task, describe a person in your life you feel to be very honorable and explain why you feel this way about them.

Once this task is completed you will be promoted to the rank of Initiate.

Once you have attained the rank of Initiate you can move up in guild ranks by doing the following:

Since knowledge and the preservation of our heritage in this world is important to the Emerald Order to move from Initiate to Bard you must participate in at least two discussions presented to the guild members and tell one story, tale or poem chronicling some aspect of the land you live in now or the land you hail from. Or detailing some task you have accomplished...some deed you have done and for which your praises should be sung.

Since knowledge and the preservation of our heritage in this world is important to the Emerald Order to move from Bard to Skylde you must participate in at least three discussions presented to the guild members, tell a second story, poem or tale about your land or your deeds and initiate at least one topic for discussion among the guild members.

To attain the Green Cloak of the Emerald Order you must be committed to serving your land and people and protecting and preserving their way of life. There are many ways you can do this. But in order to obtain the promotion you must petition Lady Hoshi personally to discuss your goals and desires to take to the shadows to work for the good of your land and the people you serve in your realm. In addition you must complete a mission or task agreed to by the petitioner and Lady Hoshi.

The requirments for advancement in the guild may change as new ranks emerge with in the Order.

May you find a path you wish to walk with in this order and may your gods guide you on that path if you have them.


The following realms are known to have at least one member within the guild.

Guildhall Locations

Grand Hall

Realm: Svunnetland
Region: Palnasos
Built By: Hoshi
Date Built:


Northern Hall

Realm: Ethiala
Region: Topenah
Built By: Evelyn
Date Built:


Southern Hall

Realm: Soliferum
Region: Osaliel
Built By: Glorawarthien
Date Built:


Ocean Hall

Realm: Nighthelm
Region: Hutael
Built By: Aspire
Date Built:


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