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The city of Batesaor was once the capital of the Republic of Batesaor. Now it is in control of the Principality of Zonasa.

Duke Morgan Evans lords over the city.

An ancient port city, Batesaor's narrow winding streets harbor a bewildering variety of peoples and goods from throughout the know world and beyond. Virtually anything can be bought and sold in its bazaars and alleyways if one has enough gold to spend - and is brave enough. Historically known as a pirate haven, Batesaor's people scoff at the pejorative connotations and pride themselves in their independence and entrepreneurial spirit.

Batesaor's streets wind their way up the surrounding hills from a deep natural harbor. The colorfully-painted stucco walls of the narrow three and four-floor townhouses of Batesaor's mercantile families loom over the crowded streets. An old but serviceable breakwater guards the harbor and holds a towering white stone lighthouse at its northernmost tip overlooking the harbor entrance. The harbor faces north across the estuary towards Batesaor's ancestral rival, Zonasa City.

Batesaor is known for it's shady characters, grimy bars, and loose women, something which caused the current Duke some misgivings about accepting his posting to the city.

A brief history of the Fall of the Pirate Republic

The realms of Soliferum, Grand Lodge Of Lunaria and Nighthelm fought against Batesaor, Nighthelm being the main belligerent. Principality Of Zonasa and Svunnetland, allies of Batesaor declared war on the coalition of enemies with the expresssed intention of aiding Batesaor, however very little actual military aid came to Batesaor. Batesaor was destroyed after a multitude of assaults on the capital and several rebellions. Nighthelm took over the Batesaor duchy and Soliferum the Alanur's duchy. After the fall of the city, Principality Of Zonasa and Svunnetland quickly brokered peace with the collection of enemies in the south, their excuse for the lack of help and quick peace was that "Nighthelm alone out powered both of us". Many Batesaorian nobles joined Principality Of Zonasa, some were met with hostility but the Principality accepted them regardless. Former Batesaoran nobleXaphan rallied together a collection of dissatisfied troop leaders and declared open rebellion, however this failed.