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The Sypher family calls the city of York in Atamara their home.

Relkin Sypher

Tall with dark hair and blue-gray eyes, Relkin is first born of the Sypher family. While he was once an idealist he has since become more pragmatic in his views. Relkin more than anything is loyal and dedicated. A follower of the Way of the Warrior Saints, Relkin views duty to Minas Ithil as his highest calling.

Relkin first served in battle for Minas Ithil during the war with Eston. Still new to combat he found himself wounded but undetered. Indeed, joined by his younger brother Yorick both marched south in the battle with Abington.

His family owns a small publishing company in York and Relkin has made use of the facility to publish a newspaper called the York journal.

Relkin has held many positions of honor. He has named the Marshall of the York Elite Army and then promoted to High Marshall on the death of High Marshall Snider. Thanks to his efforts, Minas Ithil was able to regain ground in the war with Norland. Relkin stepped down from being High Marshall due to personal issues and became the Count of Winham. As the war continued, the city of Barad Riel was captured and Relkin was named Duke of the city. However, Eston's entry into the war lead to the fall of the city and Relkin was given the task of holding order in Moramroth. This region also fell as Minas Ithil lost ground against the Northern Federation. After some time the region of Rotherthorpe needed a lord and Relkin was appointed to be Viscount of the region. More recently, Relkin has once again been named General of Minas Ithil.

Yorick Sypher

Yorick first joined his brother and the rest of Minas Ithil in fighting Abington. In the lull that followed he joined many of the tournaments and began to sharpen his skills. However he was kidnapped on the docks of Shanandoah and ended up in Mesh on the continent of Beluaterra.

Yorick became the Count of Qhunomite on May 9th 2007. The daimon attacks subsequently led to the fall of that region but Yorick became the Banker of Mesh for a time.

Yorick has chosen a life of heroism, risking life and limb fighting alongside his men. The wounds suffered at the hands of the daimons have changed him though, with him becoming less optimistic about the future and life in general. Despite the depression he suffers he dutifully stands with his comrades.

As Mesh reclaimed its lost regions Yorick reclaimed the position of Lord of Qhunomite until later in the summer when he was elected to the position of Chancellor of Mesh.

Yoricks Journal

Roxas Sypher

Roxas is the younger brother of both Relkin and Yorick. The most adventurous of the three brothers, he enjoys traveling to new places. Of short stature(5'6"), Roxas is still an accomplished swordfighter. His fair complexion and light hair are a contrast to his two brothers who take more after their father. Roxas married a minor lady while in Falasan and they have two young children. With an estate in York near the family home, the children and his wife are able to visit his family often.

Serving for a time in Falasan, Roxas studied trade and swordfighting. After that he returned to Minas Ithil and joined as a knight of Elost. He has taken up learning jousting to compliment his swordfighting skills. Roxas is the editor for the York journal.