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The Order of the Doughnuts is a guild in the Colonies. Members come from many different realms united by a mutual love of doughnuts. Members live in peace with each other, except on the rare occasions when a fight breaks out over the last doughnut.

Mission Statement

The Order of the Doughnuts exists to spread doughnuts and the love of doughnuts throughout the Colonies.

The Order of Doughnuts is not a military order. Its main goal is to bring the people of the island closer together by exchanging their cultures over doughnuts. However, if someone threatens us we will fight back with everything we have.

Holder of the Golden Doughnut

A legendary status among the Order of the Doughnuts, the Holder of the Golden Doughnut must accept all challenges to First-Blood duels (so long as doing so does not contradict any standing orders from the holder's realm hierarchy). If the Holder of the Golden Doughnut wins the duel, they retain the title. If they lose, they surrender the Golden Doughnut to the challenger, who then must follow the rules as champion and Holder of the Golden Doughnut. Someone outside the guild can hold the title, however we stive to not lose to an outsider.

History of the Golden Doughnut

First claimed by a Hero turned Priest, named Good Bell, the Golden Doughnut is a prize bestowed on the single warrior with the greatest swordsmanship and skill in combat. Holding the Golden Doughnut ensures a life of constant challenge and threat. Despite this, many warriors from varied lands come to challenge the Holder of the Golden Doughnut for this coveted honor.

Holders of the Golden Doughnut
Good Bell from 25 August 2006 to present

Notice for Members

Come, grab a doughnut and pull up a chair. Let us share our love of doughnuts and our experiences. If we can talk over doughnuts perhaps we can put aside our swords and live in peace with one another. If not, you may be handed the Doughnut of Death.

We, The Glazers, will meet every week at the glazed round table and figure out new ways to add pounds to ourselves and our men, and finding ways to instill fear in our enemies by the fear of eating all of their profits from their regions production. We stand with honor, we stand tall, but we are mostly just wide.

Main Guildhouses

Vir el Mari heights held the original guildhouse. This guildhouse, built by the Founder and Grand Glazer of the guild Calvin November, was small and had a back deck that faced south, overlooking The River. Will Bell built the second Order of the Doughnuts guildhouse on 06 July 2007. It was located in Drenga. The third, built in Abaka, was constructed by Ilsa November on 23 July 2007. All three fell in disrepair when these regions were transferred to other, gluten-intolerant hands and were closed soon afterwards.

On 17 March 2017, in response to an overwhelming demand for more tasty goodness, Calvin November re-established the Order of the Doughnuts in the Colonies by opening a guildhouse in Hanmkrag. Six months later, Donagal Prestongreen built another guildhouse in Pirht, but it was torn down after only 4 months by a ravenous mob.

Undeterred, Donagal Prestongreen built another guildhouse in Giblot City on 22 May 2019. In keeping with the spirit of the guild, he enlarged it immediately.

In honor of the 15th anniversary of the Order of the Doughnuts' expansion into the Colonies, another guildhouse was built by Calvin November in Hulaferd on 31 July 2021.

Other guildhouses

One of the first multi-island guilds, the Order of the Doughnuts has sibling guilds located on East Continent and Beluaterra. The structure and hierarchy are identical.

Members of the Guild

With headings indicating rank in the guild, highest to lowest. "Since (date here)" indicates the date that member joined the guild.

Grand Glazer (Senior Rank)

Calvin November joined 20 June 2006; departed 19 December 2006; re-joined 27 May 2006; departed unknown; re-joined 17 March 2017

Shop Managers (Senior Rank)

Ilsa November since 23 August 2006; departed unknown
Good Bell since 02 August 2006; departed unknown
Donagal Prestongreen since 25 April 2017

Holders of the Book of Recipes (Senior Rank)

Master Bakers (Member Rank)

The Original joined 28 June 2006; departed 31 October 2006
Anev Walsh since 15 September 2006; departed unknown

Bakers (Member Rank)

Will Bell since 06 June 2007; departed unknown

Dough Mixers (Member Rank)

Logan Turik joined 28 July 2006; departed 5 September 2006
S'noe Whiteblood joined 24 April 2007; departed 16 August 2007
Tobias Mersault joined 07 May 2020

Apprentices (Member Rank)

Nikolai Gogol joined 30 June 2006; departed unknown
Asimert Kel-Ruvan joined 09 August 2006 departed 8 September 2006
Lone Ranger Warlock Lord joined 18 April 2007; departed 23 May 2007
Malice Invalesco since 28 April 2007; departed unknown
Ender Fate since 13 May 2007; departed unknown
Torsaan the Great since 15 July 2007; departed unknown
Laurenz Castillo since 26 September 2007; departed unknown
Leonidas Castillo since 19 November 2007; departed unknown
Cemet Adiyanto joined 08 June 2019; departed unknown
Darius Rea joined 17 February 2020; departed unknown; re-joined 05 October 2020; departed unknown
Sploosh The Undying joined 27 May 2021; departed unknown

People who enjoy Doughnuts (Aspirant Rank)

SunDawg Falwood joined 26 April 2007; departed 27 April 2007
Drey Grayholm since 27 May 2007; departed unknown
Conatta of The Balancetravellers joined 20 June 2007; departed 11 July 2007
Angelina Von Borghoff since 04 December 2007; departed unknown
Daniel Casci since 10 March 2008; departed unknown
Thyk Whiteblood joined 16 March 2008; departed 24 March 2008
Davier Leroux joined 13 December 2017; departed unknown
Kolben Norman joined 16 September 2019; departed 18 October 2019
Mary Conebreath joined 24 April 2020; departed unknown
Garm Tanngrisnir Crownguard joined 10 August 2021

Member preferences for Doughnuts

Be aware that selecting your doughnut preference is one of a noble's inalienable rights within the Order of the Doughnuts guild. Anyone who gives you orders about selecting your doughnut preference should be reported to the Grand Glazer ...or at least be forced to consume a moldy powdered doughnut.

  • Calvin November: hot and freshly glazed
  • The Original: I especially like "jelly" doughnuts. Jelly, the OT way obviously... I think that's where the word originated anyways. :)
  • Nikolai Gogol: maple iced
  • Logan Turik: My doughnut preference happens to be beer with ale glaze. I am from Redspan after all.
  • Good Bell: I love lemon-jelly filled mounds of happiness! aka DOUGHNUTS
  • Asimert Kel-Ruvan: My Doughnut of Choice is the immortal Honey-glazed variety. My family and I have enjoyed this sugar-coated delight for generations! Goes well with nearly any sort of jelly or jam. Good for dipping into coffee or tea, too!
  • Ilsa November: "Sweet 16" sugar doughnuts
  • Lone Ranger Warlock Lord: hm... I like creme(fruit) filled with chocolate covered ones
  • S'noe Whiteblood: Hmm. So many choices it's hard to make a decision but I guess if I had to choose I'd go for Raspberry filled.
  • Will Bell: Glazed Curlers
  • Thyk Whiteblood: My preferred doughnut would be a simple, plain glazed. It's more in line with my simple upbringing.
  • Donagal Prestongreen: Let it be known, my favorite doughnut currently is a Glazed Blueberry doughnut.
  • Davier Leroux: I am a man of simple taste, a jam doughnut is the true way to heaven.
  • Cemet Adiyanto: Uhh vanilla doughnuts?
  • Kolben Norman: I like my doughnuts triple flame broiled stuffed with garlic oregano cheese sauce and topped with white chocolate chip and ginger flakes, glazed with four layers of alternating snake oil and monster bile.
  • Darius Rea: Donuts wise, I fancy plain cake donuts. They dunk in any fluid. Any of them.
  • Tobias Mersault: an Outer Tilogian Blood Donut
  • Sploosh The Undying: Have you knowledge of a fabled, mythic substance known as 'sprinkles'?