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Outer Tilog
Donagal Prestongreen
Manufacturing, Trade

Jewel of the North

Cultural Center of Giblot, the Capital is home to some of the finest institutions in all the realm! Not only hosting both the realms newspapers, but also providing a home for the Headless OT and the Headquarters of the Giblot Headball League. It is also rumoured that the ancient Hall of Learning is located somewhere in the city, always on the look out for any new member that may stumble across it's doors.

Dukes of Giblot

Places of Giblot

Old Giblot

Old Giblot, with it's dark and twisted architecture is a throw back to a time when she was part of Outer Tilog. And ruled by Dethargas and the rest of the SpellMasters. Although alot has changed since those dark days it is still home to Giblots worst inhabitants. And on cold and lonely nights, the screams of victims can be heard as they are tortured by Sadis' Playthings. Or sacrifed to the Goddess Lillith by the Cult of Tierl.

New Giblot

New Giblot, came to be as nobles crossed the seas, coming to the Colonies to find fame and wealth. It is also here that many of Giblots nobles reside. In comparision it is alot brighter, and order is kept in check.


Catacombs, scattered beneath the city iss a vast network of tunnels, plagued by all manner of creatures. It is here that the nobles of old have been buried and forgotten. It is here that the metals are mined by slaves and adventureous men. Men have been known to disappear here, having been eaten or buried. And the lucky few find escape, walking days only to surface in Outer Tilog or the Arakir Mountains, or unlucky as the case may be.

The Saiga Palace

The Palace, was built during Saiga ??? time as Chancellor of Giblot.

Orin's Keep

Orin's Keep, is a small town found along the river border between Rollsovar and Giblot. It protects the border of Giblot and the bridge, were a toll is had for any traveller.


Galetowne, is a small fishing community at the tip of the southeast peninsula of Giblot.

DuPre Estate

DuPre Estate, can only be reached by traveling through Old Giblot or traversing the deadly woods that surround it. One of the oldest of Giblots nobles, it was recently rebuilt by Ciel DuPre. After it was burnt down to try and remove everything associated with the traitor Dante DuPre.

Groups of Renown

Sadi's Playthings

Sadi's Playthings, were the followers of Sadi SaDiablo and his twisted ways. The majority of which were eunuchs who having been tortured by Sadi come to be his loyal servants. It is not known how he accomplished this, but during his departure from Giblot the Playthings were left behind. And they continue to torment the people of Giblot in his name.

Cult of Tierl

Cult of Tierl, are followers of the Goddess Lillith.

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