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If you are looking for a brief overview of the game, you should read BattleMaster Basics. After that, you can come back here and look at the topics in depth.

  • Creation Screens - What the various family/character creation screens look like.
  • New Random Features - This is Tom's short info on newly added features. He'll put rough cuts here which are later sorted into the manual proper.
  • Getting Started - this is how to get going as a new character.
  • New Players Guide - Helps guide you in your journey as a noble.
  • Rules and Policies
  • Allegiance - To whom is your allegiance?
  • Name Rules - before you pick a name for your family and character, read this.
  • Roleplaying - Guidelines for proper roleplaying.
  • Useful Tools - Ever wanted to check your tax share, or use many other useful tools? This is your page.

The list below points you to the major manual sections. We also have a full table of contents and if you look for a specific article, you should check the article index.

  • Behaviour - Rules and restrictions on behaviour
  • Security - Security and anti-cheating measures

Some articles appear in more than two sections, because they are appropriate in both and we want to make sure you find the information you are looking for.

Other Versions

Spanish Version - (Updated)

Dutch Version - under construction