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Orders are how you tell your troops to behave and where to go. You issue orders to your men, which are passed down by your General. The General issues orders to a group of people whom he wants to attack or defend against. Those orders come down in the form of a message to the list of Troop Leaders he selects. Each noble has the right to take the orders and do with them as they wish. However, it is normal practice to follow your General's orders, or you could receive fines, bans or even be executed.

The General is the supreme commander of the Military, but there are also Marshals who can take command of the battle field for the ones who report to them and their allies as they form up on the field.

Unit Settings

For details, see the article on Unit Settings

You set their conduct, designation, formation, and field location for battle under "Paperwork".

  • You can set their conduct: "Murderous", "Aggressive", "Normal", "Defensive" or "Evasive".
  • You can designate their unit type: "Regular Army", "Vanguard", "Police Force", "Sentries" or "Mercenary Troops".
  • You can tell them how to form their lines (formation): "Line", "Box", "Wedge" or "Skirmish".
  • You can tell them where to line up (field location): "Front", "Middle", "Back" or "Rear Guard".

An army that well orchestrates these settings can beat an army that outnumbers them. In some cases, a General may want to set their lines to stagger, so that some troops are in the first row, some in the second, and others in the third. This may reduce casualties when fighting a much larger enemy and if the enemy's settings are incorrect, allow the smaller army to defeat them.


You can order your men to do various tasks depending on their unit type and the career you've chosen. Below are some of the commands available to your troops

For the Unit

Repair Equipment

Repair your damaged equipment. This costs gold and time, depending on how badly damaged your equipment is. Equipment can only be repaired 2% in towns and 7% in strongholds, but fully in cities. (Can only be done if there are weapon or armour smiths in the region.)

Pay your men

This is good to do if they haven't been paid for several days, or you are trying to keep up spirits. Sometimes it works for that, sometimes it doesn't.

Rest troops or Field Camp

Tell your men to rest and relax. Resting troops can sometimes help boost morale and can also be used to delay your arrival while travelling.


You can put your men to work upping their statistics by having them do light, normal or heavy training. Unit cohesion and Combat strength usually go up when you do this, however your equipment is damaged and morale usually decreases.

Rename unit

Change the name of your unit to something deceptive, or cooler. Costs money, and sometimes causes a drop in morale of you troops.

Abandon your unit

If you want to trade one type of soldiers for another (i.e. infantry for archers), you can abandon your unit, and set them as militia. However, you have to have enough gold to pay them to abandon them.


This allows you to steal gold, burn food or destroy things to harm your enemies resources.

Raze Fortification

This allows you to destroy structures such as fortifications, recruitment centres, etc.


Demolish is used to focus your troops on destroying a single recruiting center or other building.


Treating your men to some entertainment helps increase their morale.

Civil Work

Repairing local infrastructures is a good way to win over the hearts and minds of a region, or to simply get production levels up, allowing for increased food and gold production.

Police Work

Your unit has to be set to "Police" in order to do this, but you can patrol streets, join in on raids, all of which has an affect on the region, either by gaining more control of a region, or causing morale and loyalty to drop.

Hang Rebels

The ability to hang rebels will get a region that is revolting under control quickly. It does cause a heavy morale loss in the region, so be sure to ask permission of your general before hanging rebels. (Can only be done in a region in your own realm.)

Dig In

When your army is not in a city or stronghold, they can dig in and build minor protections against an invading army. Troops take less damage when behind these fortifications. You will WANT your units to be set to defensive and in the back in order to take advantage from the "Dig In" command. This can be done in regions without fortifications or with only a palisade.

Hunt Enemies

After a victory, if you have 20 or more men, you can order them to hunt down any enemies who have fled. Beware, on occasion, it's said that the hunting party can be destroyed or take more casualties than the enemy they are hunting, but that is very rare.

Forage Battlefield

If your unit stayed for the fight, and you won the battle, you'll be able to repair your equipment damage by searching the battlefield for left over equipment.

Leave Wounded

Leaving your wounded behind with local healers is a dishonorable thing to do, and will cause you to loose honor and prestige. This can only be done in friendly towns, cities, or strongholds. (You can't just ditch them in the middle of no where. That's murder.) (Can only be done in a friendly City, Townsland or Stronghold region.)


Start a takeover of the current region.

For paraphernalia

Send out scouts

Send out your scout to see what's in enemy lands, or in your own. Skilled infiltrators will not show up on a scout report, normally.

Buy Paraphernalia

Purchase banners, healers, scouts, carts, etc.

Abandon Paraphernalia

This allows you to dump things like banners, healers, scouts, carts, etc.