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  • Things you can do: This is the list of actions you can take in the politics tab.

Rename your character or family:

  • This will allow you to change the name of your character or family if you think it doesn't conform to the standards laid out in Tom's name policy

Change allegiance

  • Lords
    • Allows you to change the allegiance of your region to a new Duke whose duchy borders your region, or the duchy your lord character is currently in.
  • Dukes
    • Allows you to change the allegiance of your duchy to that of a realm which borders your duchy, or the realm your duke character is currently in.

Join Realm

If you're in a foreign region, you will have the option to join that realm by taking an estate there. By doing so, you will lose any bonds you possess, your previous estate and any positions you held in your former realm. You retain any troops you lead and any gold held.

Govern the estates and tax settings

  • Allows you to create, resize, and close estates
  • Allows you to set the tax rate on the peasants and the amount levied against the knights
  • Allows you to kick out knights
  • Allows you to abandon your region (resign as region lord)

Assign knights to armies

  • Allows you to assign yourself and your knights to armies

Your estate

  • Allows you to abandon your estate or choose a new one


  • Allows Lords, and Government officials to propose a referendum


  • Your paperwork will allow you to access your personal contacts, send a message to the Titans, provide you with urls for your family and character pages in the wiki, as well as toggle your eligibility for election or appointment to political office
    • Manage your personal contacts
      • A list of nobles and adventurers who you have written, are in your realm, or have met. Allows you to ignore them, delete the contact, or send them a message.
    • Contact the Titans
      • If you feel that the Social Contract has been broken, someone is multi-cheating, cheating, or being abusive this is where you would go.
    • Political office eligibility
      • You are able to check an option box to refuse a type of office should you have no desire for your character to take up the responsibility.

Disagree or Protest

  • Protests against government officials
    • Allows you to protest silently or publicly against a government official. Depending on the government type, if enough people protest the official could lose prestige or even their office.