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The Information screen is broken into three sections, Global, Local, and Personal Information.

  • Global Information: This is information related to the game as a whole and your specific Island.
    • Game as a whole links:
      • The Player List is a list of all the registered players, their family names, and country. There are also links to each player's characters' family page.
      • The Top Families shows a list of the 20 most famous and 20 wealthiest families in Battlemaster. At the bottom there is also a list of the 5 newest families in '''fame''' and wealth.
    • Island Specific Links:
      • Diplomatic Relations: This shows the relations of all the realms on the island toward one another.
      • Character List, Region List, and Realm List are Island specific lists.
      • Political Map and Dynamic Map are both maps of the Island, however, with the proper browser (Firefox, Opera, or Chrome not IE) the Dynamic Map allows you to see things such as scout reports, militia, and takeovers from your character's perspective. Meaning you won't see any scout reports that your character hasn't already seen.
    • Statistics: This link allows you to view Island specific information on a global scale. It is a nifty tool for military planners or just plain neat for those that like graphs and pie charts. Some will find this a wonderful tool, while others will rarely, if ever, use it. It is up to you to decide.
  • Local Information: This is information specific to your realm.
    • Realm and Regions: Shows a summary of the realm (Government Type, Council Members, Population, etc.) and a break down of your realm by Duchies and Imperial Regions. You will be able to see how the Morale, Loyalty, Production and Control of each region is performing. Very useful link for Bureaucrats or other nobles interested in the state of the realm.
    • Troop Leader List: Shows a list of all nobles in the realm as well as much info related to their character. Each column is sortable and this a very useful page for many different reasons.
    • The Bulletins: These will vary from realm to realm. They are created and edited by the respective Council member. It is highly recommended that all new troop leaders read these bulletins.
      • Ruler Bulletin: Will contain information written by the Ruler of the realm. Usually, a statement of current affairs or other information the Ruler feels important.
      • General Bulletin: Will contain information ranging from chain of command and workshop locations to line settings and current orders.
      • Judge Bulletin: Will usually contain a realm constitution and/or laws or the realm. It may also contain information about becoming a bureaucrat.
      • Banker Bulletin: Will usually contain information about tax settings or food distribution. It may also contain information related to becoming a trader.
    • Realm Laws: While there may be other laws listed under the Judge's bulletin, these are laws that are selected by the Judge and monitored by the game itself when broken. These laws are related to looting, religion, and duels. If your Judge as chosen to make one of these illegal, a message will alert him/her (it may also alert the council or even the entire realm) when it is broken. There may even be an automatic fine levied upon breaking the law.
  • Personal Information: This is information directly related to your character.
    • News and Messages: Just another link to your messages and news.
    • Scribe Notes: These are scribe notes that you have collected either by getting them yourself or viewing them from someone else. Scribe notes are generated to track scout reports, travel routes, battle reports, temple visits, undercover reports, and others. Scribe notes that have been shared with your army will also be held there.
    • Current Referendums: Shows any referendums that are currently up for vote.
    • Your recommendations: (Available only to '''Adventurer'''s) Shows all the '''recommendations''' for nobility you have received.
    • Your bans and fines: Shows any bans you may have received on the island or any outstanding fines you may have.
    • Your Duels: Shows any outstanding duels you may have. Duels expire after three days time.
    • Your Guilds: Shows a list of any guilds you may be in ,your ranking withing the guild, as well as the nearest guildhouse. This applies to religions you may belong to.
    • Check Taxes: This will let you know how the taxes are distributed within the realm. It is recommended you read the help page associated with this link to familiarize yourself with tax distribution. Once you are familiar with that, this page will be useful to let you know when the next tax is expected and your approximate share.