Hold Court Command

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Studies of Abington by Brakus Stien/Chapter Six

(If you have already held court you will see this message:)

You already held court today. The bureaucrats look a little confused as you ask them to prepare the court documents.

(If you have not already held court you will this:)

By holding court in a region, you can demonstrate to your subjects how just their lords are, and that indeed the realm is good for them. Holding a court day will take the whole day, with preparations and briefings. It will take 6 hours of your time, and thus be pretty much all you can do today. You have three options in your judgements:

If you show mercy, morale will increase with a minimal effect on loyalty. However, it may incite rebellious groups to be more daring.

You can also be just, or at least try your best. This will not change morale very much, but increase realm loyalty. It will not affect potential rebels.

Finally, you can render harsh judgements. This will lower morale slightly. It will also have a random effect on realm loyalty (fear can make for a great source of loyalty, but it is difficult to estimate the effect). The main effect of this is that you have a good chance of actually catching some anarchists, rebels or independence freaks.