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The 'Menu Panel' is the main control interface running down the left side of your screen. This is how you navigate through the various game menus. Below is a listing of the possible menus and a description of what is in each menu. Clicking on the menu name below will take you to a page that covers everything in that menu.

Menu Description
Messages All characters have access to the Messages menu. Just like the name implies, this menu gives you access to all the messages you have received and the people you can write to. This is also where you can contact the GameMasters, the "police force" of BattleMaster, known as the titans.
Information The Information menu is available to everyone and gives players access to information on their character, their realm, the island they are on, and global information.
Politics The Politics menu is available to all characters and gives players access to political actions their character can take. Notable options here include changing realms, managing your estate, and more.
Travel The Travel menu is universal and allows you to travel from region to region. It also gives you access to the Routefinder where your character's advisor will find a path from one region to another region for you.
Orders The Orders menu is available to all characters who can command a unit. Orders are related to the actions of the soldiers and those under your command.
Actions The Actions menu is universal, meaning all characters have an actions menu. Actions are specific things your character does themselves. This can range from changing classes to visiting the bank.
Command The Command menu is for characters that have gained a position in the government of the realm. It allows the character to perform certain tasks that are related to their position. For instance, a region lord will go to this menu in order to build a new building.
Religion (Menu) The Religion menu is specific to the priest class. It contains actions that only a priest can perform like preaching, persecuting heretics, influencing the followers.
Quests The Quests menu is specific to the adventurer class. It contains actions related to interacting with sages or wizards and hunting down monsters or the undead.
Items The Items menu is specific to the adventurer class. It contains actions related to managing, buying, selling, and gathering of items.