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The contents on this page discuss a possible new feature. It may or may not be ever included in the game, and it may or may not be partially in testing somewhere (usually on the testing branch).
In short, consider this page is a sketchpad of sorts and don't rely too much on things written here until this notice disappears.
-- Tom

Actions govern a character's Attributes. The game keeps a record of your actions.

The tables below show the impact of actions on attributes.

  • + or - indicate a small change (gain or less, respectively)
  • ++ or -- indicate a medium change
  • +++ or --- indicate a major change

Note that these can also be modified by other values. For example, looting for 12 hours has more impact on your attributes than looting for 3 hours.

Also note that some actions include multiple results. Winning a death duel, for example, also gains you the winning a duel bonus to Achievements.

Actions Implemented

These actions are already in the game and working.

Duels Achievements Repute Chivalry Notoriety
winning/losing a duel ++ / --
winning a death duel +
winning a surrender duel +

Looting Achievements Repute Chivalry Notoriety
any looting +
looting an enemy region (war/hatred) +
looting that hits the peasants hard (food, fields, killing, etc.) - ++
your region is looted (knights) - -- -
your region is looted (lord) -- -- -

Actions To-Be-Done

These actions are on our list and will be added shortly. They might still be incomplete with more details added or modified.


Here you can add your own ideas and suggestions.

-Paid work and requesting family gold should effect these attributes somehow, as they currently effect h/p. Perhaps lowering Achievements and/or Chivalry? Family investment should raise Repute and maybe Chivalry, with an especially large effect when investing in your region or in your duchy. Rebellion should raise Notoriety, especially if successful. Maybe it should also reduce Repute, though not as much if it is successful (because then it is a revolution, not a rebellion). Breaking laws should lower Repute and raise Notoriety. Constructing buildings and fortifications (and palaces) should raise Repute and Achievements. Letting your region starve should reduce Repute and Chivalry. Being banned or exiled, or having one's nobility questioned, should reduce Repute and Achievements and raise Notoriety. Sponsoring or being marshal of a large army could raise Achievements. I also think there should be an attribute that rises just for showing up for battles. Repute? -- Mcglynn 18:54, 6 September 2007 (CEST)