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BattleMaster is a low-fantasy game and should always be treated as such. In general if you do not see an aspect of fantasy listed below then treat it as not allowed. All characters in the game are human; no orcs, dwarfs, spider-men, or giants allowed. At one time there wasn't a human-only rule. Before this rule there were elves in the realm of Sirion (Realm) on the East Continent. The elves from that time were allowed to stay but it is safe to assume that they no longer exist. Despite this human-only rule it is allowed to claim to be, or see, whatever you wish. Just don't be surprised when others think your character is insane.


Main article: Inhuman

Monsters and Undead

Further information: Monsters and Undead

The two most common non-humans that you will encounter are the undead and monsters. Both are controlled by the game and are always in the process of spawning in a region. That means that every region has a value for monsters and a value for undead. These values can be found through the priest action: "pray for signs". Once the number of monsters or undead reaches a certain point, a unit of monsters/undead will appear in that region. The unit will be rogue, meaning they do not belong to any realm, and will fight anyone but each other. In other words, monsters will not fight other monsters nor will monsters and undead fight each other. The targets, where they will travel to, of the undead/monsters are influenced by a realm's density (i.e. number of nobles per region.) If a realm has a density less than 1.7 then monsters and undead will actively seek to takeover a region from that realm. (Sparse Realm Penalty - with the Hinterlands-update this might become 1.2, rounded down for the realm) This will continue until the realm has a density higher than or equal to 1.7.

The main difference between the undead and monsters is how many there are in their respective units. Undead units are dangerous not due to their power but due to their numbers. Monsters will normally be the opposite: low unit size but high strength. This means that even though there are few of them, they are quite powerful. Behind the scenes there are actually two variations of monsters. There are units of monsters that will be better on attack and those that will be better on defense. There is no way to know which one you are encountering. The combat strength of a unit of undead and a unit of monsters will normally be roughly equal. The main difference is in what tactics will be most effective at winning a battle against them. If a realm does not defeat the monsters/undead then they will wreak havoc on the area. They will kill the local population and destroy the food. As you can imagine, this will lower the region's morale, it is hard to be happy when your little Willy was just eaten by some hairy beast. Along with morale, the monsters/undead will also cause a drop in the region's production and loyalty to the realm.

While you can't eliminate these foul inhumans from spawning in a region, you can minimize it. This is mostly done by adventurers who will take on the challenge of defeating these beasts by themselves. An adventurer will use their skills to hunt down and kill groups of monsters or undead. After the achieve victory over one group they can loot the area for silver and common items before moving on to the next larger group. They will also be able to collect any bounties on monsters/undead that are available in the region. These bounties are created by the region's lord. It is possible for adventurers to share the location of the group with other adventurers so they can take over from that group. Eventually as the groups get larger and larger you will encounter what is known as an undead champion or an alpha monster. This champion or alpha is a dangerous foe that can kill the adventurer. If the adventurer wins they get to continue living and could get a unique item.

The spawn rate is affected by:

  • Whether or not the region has a lord (not having a region lord means higher spawn rate)
  • Number of vacant estates
  • Amount of wildlands (the percentage of a region that doesn't have an estate)
  • The season (Dwilight only)
  • Militia in the region
  • The number of dead, peasants and soldiers, increase the rate for undead.


Further information: Daimons

Coming from a hellish world known as the Netherworld, Daimons are giant beasts of great power. These demonic beasts known as daimons are aggressive and occasionally invade the island of Beluaterra. With the desire to destroy humanity they zealously attack all realms. While the humans may defeat a daimon invasion they may never fully defeat the daimons. It is only a matter of time before the daimons return once again to destroy humanity. The daimons are led by a group of arch-daimons that are controlled by the administrators of the game.


Main article: Zuma Coalition

The Zuma Coalition are a group of primitive tribesmen on the island of Dwilight. These tribesmen have inhabited Dwilight since long before the colonists came to the land. What truly makes the Zuma interesting is that they are guarded and led by a group of daimons. These daimons are unlike the ones on Beluaterra. They do not actively seek to destroy all of humanity but will attack the humans if provoked. While some have foolishly provoked this powerful coalition, most do their best to leave them alone.


Main article: Magic

There is some magic in BattleMaster and the majority of it is used through magical scrolls. Scrolls only become magical when infused with magic by a wizard. A wizard is a very reclusive, wise man familiar with the ways of magic. He is one of the few remaining mortals capable of shaping magic and casting spells. In return for a few common items, a wizard will offer to create magical scrolls. These scrolls capture the wizard's power in a form that anyone can use. Due to their reclusive nature, only the most experienced of adventurers can locate a wizard. Occasionally guards of a region may come across some witches or sorcerers. Once these heathens have been put to death the guards might find a scroll. If they do then they will give the scroll to the region's lord.


Portals can be opened up by an adventurer gathering eight portal stones and arranging them in a circle. This is a rare and dangerous activity with an uncertain outcome. Once the portal has been activated a portal event will occur. This event can last multiple days and can not be stopped once started. Where the portal leads is unknown but it is known that there is a possible link to the netherworld. There have been instances of daimons coming out of a portal. Some have even entered a portal and were never heard from again. Other known events contain the summoning of a giant tornado that sucked up many peasants, a giant explosion that seriously wounded the nobles involved with the portal, and the recruitment centers of one region being swapped with that of another region. It should be noted that these portals can do more than wound those involved, it can also kill them.


Sages are old, wise men rumored to have mystical powers. They are difficult to find, and can only be located by adventurers. If you are lucky enough to find one though, they will be able to perform amazing things for you, such as:

  • Repair unique items - Since only adventurers can find a sage, only adventurers are able to have unique items repaired. Different raw materials will be required for the repairing of different unique items respectively. For the same unique item, these items also vary from sage to sage.
  • Create new items - In order to create new items, the sage will require that you provide the raw materials. These materials will be random, difficult to obtain items. If you do not have them in your possession, you will have one hour in which to obtain them, or the opportunity will be lost.
  • Improve items - A sage can sometimes add a skill bonus to an existing item, such as a bonus to Oratory or Adventuring. See some examples of unique items that have been improved, as well as an idea of the raw materials that are required to improve an item. If the item already grants a skill bonus then a sage can further improve it.