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Scrolls are items of magic created by Wizards. Anyone can use the magic encapsulated in the scroll without knowing how to use any magic.

Wizards have been known to offer to create the following scrolls:

Scroll of Implemented Effect
Accident Implemented This difficult ritual will cause another character to suffer from a serious accident, getting wounded in the process.
Banishment Implemented This banishment ritual will destroy one unit of Daimons. If the unit is especially large or strong, it might banish only part of the unit.
Curse of Rust Implemented The ritual on this scroll will permanently damage the armour of all soldiers in the unit it targets.
Decay Implemented The Curse of Decay will destroy bushels of food in the area, leaving granaries emptier than before.
Ecstacy Implemented This sinful ritual will cause the peasants in the region to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh, increasing birth rate and thus population.
Fear Implemented This ritual will cause fear among enemy soldiers, reducing their morale.
Fireball Implemented A mighty, harmless ball of fire will erupt from your hands, trains your spellcasting skill.
Fountain of Youth Implemented The spell transfers 2 hours from its caster to its target, exhausting the caster while rejuvenating the target.
Glow of Health Implemented This blessing quickly heals wounded soldiers to allow them to fight once more.
Hammerfall Implemented This ritual creates a hammer of mystic energy that bashes on the fortifications in your current region, damaging them.
Healing Implemented The ritual inscribed on this scroll will heal any person you use it for from wounds, diseases, illness and even death.
Holy Light Implemented The ritual on this scroll will create a blinding light that causes undead creatures to crumble to dust.
Magic Armours Implemented The spell temporarily hardens all the armours of your men for a single battle.
Magic Steeds Implemented The spell summons phantasmal steeds for soldiers to ride on. After a battle, the steeds will return to their plane.
Magic Weapons Implemented Grants a unit magic-enhanced weapons for a single battle, making them much more effective
Miracle This simple scroll will create an illusionary, but impressive effect that the peasants will attribute to their god(s). It will cause the number of believers in all religions to increase, at the expense of pagan and local faiths.
Pain and Suffering Implemented This ritual causes the targeted character to break down in pain, sweating and shivering, losing all hours in their time pool.
Panic Implemented This ritual will create irrational fear in the peasants of your current region, reducing their morale.
Splash of Acid Implemented The ritual on this scroll will permanently damage the weapons of all soldiers in the unit it targets.
Summon Undead This scroll describes a ritual which can summon undead in your current location, possibly causing an undead unit to spawn within the next few days.
Teleportation Implemented This very difficult ritual will move you into any region of your choice, immediately. It can only transport yourself, so it can not be used if you command a unit or have any paraphernalia.

Fair warning: Some of the scrolls are not yet implemented. You can buy all of them, but some can not yet be used.