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The of Arescod Dynasty

The heraldics of House Arescod in the past.

The of Arescod family is an old and relatively unknown noble family, having used a laidback policy over the past decennia to a moderate succes. As a result its family holdings in Ulitsa had grown in wealth allowing them to expand their influence outwards. Ulitsa is a peaceful and rural coast region, known for its gentle climat and pleasant situation in the Barcan lands of Dwilight. The House of Arescod always had close ties with the House of Rynir. Although they eachother as allies, they have long since been severed, and the family of Rynir is but an old memory. Their rise to power began right before the war between the Federation of Véinsørmoot and Luria Nova.

Unfortunately, most of this was lost when the horde or monsters arose. Much of the family's power and prestige were all gone. Nevermind wealth. The old manor is now ruined, and only the brave find their way there to loot. But not one of them has made it back.

It has been a few dozen years but a side-family carrying same surname, has appeared on a different continent, Beluaterra. There, centered in the region of Vore, they once again pride themselves as a noble house. Once again they are expanding outwards, but this time with a very keen look on their surroundings. The manor has been upgraded with a very simple keep, allowing the family to rest at ease when the Daemons rise, at least, so long the tide has been beaten back. So far there haven't been any troubles, but who knows?

Family Members

Lambert of Arescod

While you may not look upon him to find the tallest of nobles, Lambert definitely has the strength part down. But to say that he uses his strength to the fullest potential would be untrue. His demeanor is calm, almost abnormally so! Very rare are the opportunities that give Lambert a reason to smile, nevermind feel sadness. Sternnesss is the exact quality you're looking at.

The first to leave his newfound home in Vore, he accepted a knight's position and is there to this day.

Margaretha of Arescod

Contrary to the former and much to his chagrin when they both lived at home, Margaretha is quite tall for a woman. This has ensured, amongst other things, that she's quite nervous when taking critisism. Her true passion lies in travelling. She wishes to see the world, and all that it may offer. That's why she travelled back to Dwilight, to discover!

When she arrived she had taken a knight's position in Poryatu. The region is quite rich, and could do well for her, but she'd be off visiting a whole new world. Curiously, and without her knowing of this, she has taken the oath at Luria Nova, the exact realm her past family fought against with their might.

Family Members - Deceased

Roran of Arescod - Deceased

A painting of Roran of Arescod, prepared for battle.

Roran was the first of his family to venture outwards to make a name for himself and his family in the realm of Barca. He quickly received his own region of Thysan in the North of Barca. He took at interest in religion, albeit not too heavily. He become a follower of Verdis Elementum. he, according to the laws of the realm, takes his duty of protecting the freedom of religion of his people very seriously. In the Barcan war against Luria Nova he attacked Port Nebel. After it's third siege they succeeded in capturing Port Nebel.

Eventually he too was forced out his ancestral home of Ulitsa, together with the rest of his family. He went to live on the Eastern side of Dwilight, but he was not content. He organised a group of nobles who were to try and relinquish the monsters horde over Western Dwilight. He was about to begin a rise around Eastern Dwilight in support of those nobles between realms who felt like him, that he disappeared. No sign of him was ever seen.

Robin of Arescod - Deceased

Robin has appeared on Atamara mere days after Roran, and ended up in Galadia. He is less ambitious and more reserved than his slightly older cousin Roran, and started out as a humble knight in the realm of Silnaria. After plunging straight into the Silnarian-Minas Leon war he fought valiantly, but was brutally scarred during his first real conflict, planting the seeds of anger and embitterment in his soul.

After many battles, fights and skirmishes he has rapidly grown under the constant stress of being a knight pitched in a full-out war. He was appointed to the lordship of the region Galadia, taking a turn for the better. His religious life took a turn too, having become a faithful aspirant in The Order. After the monster outbreak he bought the Sword of Flame from Melot le Drake to smite Silnaria's enemies. Unfortunately, his tracks end here. He was probably eaten by monsters, or slain in battle.

Helena of Arescod - Deceased

A bastard daughter of Tyvandor of Arescod, the father of both her and Roran, the patriarchof the family. She was his firstborn yet unlawfull child, and a s a result only seen as a mere commoner by most. In the contrary though she has received a decent education and handles the pen as well as the sword. She has made herself useful for the family which has given her so many more things than usual for a bastard child by offering her services as a hunter of undead and monsters in Barca. After she reported being blackmailed by Sir Chuldah Keuerleber into converting to the new and young Bear Lords religion she was imprisoned for further investigation, yet executed for forgery by the Lord Justice.


Sander 'of Arescod' - Deceased

An adopted child, and a false-brother to Robin of Arescod. Even though he enjoyed a sort of noble upbringing he, knowing of his own adopted origins, was quite the rebel. All his lessons about reading, history, art, music and any other noble activity were wasted on him, as all he really cared about was the sword. The moment he learned that with a simple piece of steel created by smelting rocks hidden in the ground one could slay any man, no matter what colour his blood was, he was sold. Hours and hours were swallowed into his obsession as his skill with fighting in general improved. Now, as a man of 20 years old, he ventured into the world to make use of his abilities, running away from the boring life of a noble to which he'd never be recognised anyways. When scouting in the region of Eregon, he discovered the Doomed Breastplate of the Zuma.

When hunting for undead in Nark he was ambushed by a small undead army, and unable to escape. The locals found him, beaten to the brink of death, and hardly breathing at all. He was quickly brought from the circle of his own blood to a healer and he spent half of Spring recovering from his gruesome injuries. This encounter turned him grim. He staretd realising that being a great swordsman is no guarantee for survival, and that living or dying is a matter of luck. This made him more wary and distrusting of his environment, but has had no real results until then.

After selling the Doomed piece of armour to Jocelin le Drake he turned towards the Royal Barcan academies with his new stache of gold to improve his mastery of the sword. However, his newfound fortune didn't last long when he made an impolite joke about Sir Chuldah's bastard son, and he was quickly imprisoned and tortured. Spending the largest part of the monster invasion locked up in a cold cell underneath Rettleville, he cursed his own fate.

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