Sword of Flame

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Type Weapon
Discovered By Tidey Grindle
Discovery Date 10 May 2008
Discovery Location Aeng, East Continent
Abilities (unknown)
Current Owner (unknown)

The Sword of Flame was won by Tidey Grindle, a successful adventurer in Itorunt, on 10 May 2008. She won it fighting an undead champion in the region of Aeng, and took the sword as a victory prize.

Type Weapon
Discovered By Melot
Discovery Date 2014-02-02
Discovery Location Chagasu, Atamara
Abilities Prestige +5
Current Owner ?

Recovered from the leader of a small horde of monsters. Melot's familiarity with the landscape allowed him to turn the tables on this foe in the most unlikely of manners; having tracked the horde through the night across the plains in Chugasu, he waited until dawn to strike. In the early morning light he attacked their lair, routing the smaller monsters until only he and their leader remained. For all its darkness it fought bravely, and after an exhausting fight it too lay dead. The sword lay among the horde's valuables with no indication as to its origins. Having reclaimed it from the claws of a worthy opponent, Melot le Drake has since taken to calling it Drake's Fire.

The sword has changed ownership to Robin of Arescod. After that, who knows?