Doomed Breastplate of the Zuma

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Type Armour
Discovered By Sander of Arescod
Discovery Date 29 November 2013
Discovery Location Eregon, Dwilight
Abilities Prestige +5
+5% Jousting
Current Owner Jocelin Le Drake

Doomed Breastplate of the Zuma

This intricately engraved breastplate is known to have belonged to a Zuma warlord during the times of more frequent invasions and wars with the human kingdoms of Dwilight. It is crafted in a way still unknown to even the best mastersmiths living in the human cities and as a result is a lot tougher than a simple steel breastplate. The engravings on it are mostly eery symbols and unreadable glyphs, but are said to posses a magic power protecting the wearer. On a more practical note, the lance arresting hook on it is of a great quality and technologic worth, allowing the user to aim a lot more carefully during a charge.


When Sander arrived in the rogue region of Eregon, right before it was colonised by Barca, he noticed the countless signs of an undead army terrorizing the region. Being on his own he was no match for the group of undead, but decided to scout ahead to provide detailed information to the Barcan warlords, so they could defeat the horde before it'd inflict too much damage. However, as he snuk closer to the 35 wandering undead, the same darkness that provided him cover made him trip over a branch sticking out of the ground, one of the thousands that did in the central Barcan forests. Cursing his own luck he had attempted to escape before they'd find him, but alas, there came the first few monstrous creatures charging at him. Luckily he knew the terrain and was able to stay out of reach by running off into the thicker forest ahead, and lost the horde out of sight.

As he forced his way through the dense foliage however, he found himself eye in eye with one of the undead, alone, armed with a greatsword engraved with eery symbols and a serrated edge. Certainly not a practical weapon, he had thought as he drew his own bastard sword, and charged ahead. After a rather short but tiring exchange of blows he found himself exhausted by the running, the tension, and the monstrous strenght of his adversary. However, luck seemed to be on his side as after he stepped aside to dodge a large overhead swing the greatsword of the skeleton got stuck in a mighty oak, and before the creature could retrieve it he had kicked the sword near the thin point with his entire weight, breaking the blade. Now the tables were turned, and in a very single-sided fight he defeated the undead skeleton, and claimed the loot before leaving. The decorated chestplate the skeleton had been wearing however, he found out after inspection upon escaping the rest, had barely been scratched or dented by his mightiest swings. It showed the wear of ages and the damage of countless battles, yet it still was in a relatively okay shape. Deciding to keep it to sell it to some nobleman, he fled Eregon before the monsters'd find him again.


The bearer gains Prestige +5 and a +5% bonus to his Jousting skill. The breastplate counts as armour.


Forged many ages ago by a Zuma smith for one of their high priests of the Dragon Song temple. It was worn through several lifetimses by the different high priests of the temple, before the last wearer was slain in combat by human settlers in the region of Eregon, and has been laying buried in a forgotten battlefield eversince. However, due to the magic stalking the land, one day, the dead high priest rose from the ground as an undead warrior, and united with other risen dead, only to be slain by Sander. The rest of the undead succumbed the next day to Barcan warlords clearing the area.