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Silnaria has fallen. We lost our war with Minas Leon. Partially due to treachy by the Duke Gerhardt and Duchess Cyrilla and partially by the Leonain war machine.

In a time of great turmoil on the isle of Atamara, the last Senate of Coria voted unanimously to create a new Monarchy. With chaos reigning and blood staining the fertile earth, Silnaria was founded in Barad Falas. After the creation of this great nation, many of the allies of Coria abandoned them, leaving a trail of cowardice and shame in their wake. The nobility and strength of this new nation eventually won some of these allies back, but many of those that abandoned Silnaria still stand, awaiting judgement and doom, and the harsh justice that will be meted upon them for their dissent.

The Silnarians fight under the banner of the Crowned White Owl.


History, Peoples, and Culture

Silnarian Royalty

A formal Marshall, Owl King Drizztle Sharpspeare now rules with a fair and just hand. Rising from a morass of politics and struggling allegiances, his noble spirit and natural leadership eventually won out over the confusion and chaos. His military acumen strikes fear in his enemies, and as a devout follower of the The Saints of Old, it is said among the peasantry that his rule was pre-ordained by the Sleeping Father.

The Palace of Kings is a sprawling and lovely keep, with a center rotunda known as the Court of Owls, where justice and meted and the work of Governance is done. It is flocked with sky blue banners, and the throne is ancient and storied, carved from rough-hewn wood and offering little decoration.


Merlin Silverfire (founding King)

Yenom Thunderstrike

Drizztle Sharpspeare (final King)

The Silnars

Along the Southern End of the Silver Lake, from times before the Era of Kings, the folk of these lands were known of three tribes, the Cors, the Falasi, and the Silnar. The Cors and the Falasi were the more ferocious of the tribes, while the Silnar lived a primarily agricultural existence. When empires rose, it was the Cori and the Falasi who expanded, dominating the Silnar peoples and putting them to work building the Silver Cities of Barad Falas and Barad Gardor. In time the lands were under the control of the Falasi, and the Silnar maintained their farms and fields. The armies of the nobility grew strong with Cor warriors, and after many generations, those Cor and Falasi tribesman bred into the Noble classes. Strong and fearless knights from other lands came and went, and eventually the Cor and the Falasi had only become ideas of legend, lending their tribal names to the nations that rose and fell around them.

To this day, however, the Silnar remain. They are a peasant culture that works hard, and pray diligently to their local gods. After centuries of serving warriors that have come and gone, the Silnar pay little attention to the Royalty of the land, paying taxes and bowing when Knights ride past, but only wishing to live in peace.

Silnarian Culture

Saint Nycticorax, in an ancient tapestry

Sitting in the center of Atamara, Silnaria is a young realm, but proud and strong.

It covers the land known as the Cresting Falls, where water spills in foaming rapids and waterfalls, from the Galadian Mountains into the sea. The Silver Twin Cities of Barad Falas and Barad Gardor sit on these shores, and the people of Silnaria have grown healthy and happy harvesting the trout from these waters. The beautiful white sails of Silnarian ships can be seen as far as Barad Lacirith, where watchful travelers can see the famous Estonian statue of Saint Nathaniel looking out across the waves. Royal blue banners wave across the rooftops, and the skies are as clear as any on Atamara. Sculptures and images of White owls adorn city streets and roadside tavern signs alike; a show of devotion to the brave nobles who built a nation from the scattered remains of Coria. The White Owl is a figure of great majesty and import, and when the armies of Silnaria march, with the Owl banner in the breeze above them, the people of the realm cheer mightily.

In the center of Silnaria, the shores of Elroth make way into the Plains of Beleriel, where horsemen watch over the endless fields, and peasants harvest a variety of golden grains. Farming is as important as fishing to the Silnarian peoples. The grains they grow are often cooked into hard, sweet "owl-cakes", a rough form of biscuit, used by travellers and soldiuers on long journeys. The peasants speak Atamaran, but they also have a dialect all their own; a patois derived from the ancient languages of the Silnari-Cors, that roamed these lands as hordes in days of old. This language can be heard among the common-folk as far as Eston.

Because of their farming heritage, many of the soldiers that are recruited in these plains are adept fighters with the scythe, and will often bring out these savage and dangerous tools in battle, much to the chagrin of their opponents.

The Patron Saint of Silnaria is Saint Nycticorax, who legend says may still be seen flying over the realm in the guise of a horned white owl, on a clear dusk.

Surely this is a blessed land! Praise be to the Saints of Old!

Religions of Silnaria

The Way of the Warrior Saints

The Order

Military and Government

Silnaria war.JPG

The Royal Military of Silnaria is the only army of the Realm. When the silver tips of its' lances are upright, as soldiers march to war, it is a fearsome sight indeed. The Royal Military marches under the Crowned White Owl Banner, which differs from the state Arms by way of the weaponry clutched in the rampant owl's talons.

This army was founded by King Merlin Silverfire and originally led by Marshal Drizztle Sharpspeare.

Principles of Silnaria

Silnaria is a melting pot of nobility from all backgrounds of the island. Silnarians accept different religions, cultures, and views, and leverage that diversity in pursuing our continued prosperity. New nobles are encouraged to stake claims on estates, and know that even the lowest noble is allowed to freely voice his opinion and opposition within the realm.

We stand for Honor, Integrity, and Loyalty. We are the heart of Atamara, and our strength comes from our nobles.

Silnarian Governances

Realms and Nobles of Silnaria

Duchies and Regions:

Duchy of Coria

Barad Falas - Duke Gerhardt de Vere

Beleriel - Viscount Pasha Laterre

Corniel - Viscount Kesar Lancelot

Galadia - Baron Robin of Arescod

Duchy of Maiden River

Belegmon- Duchess Cyrilla Larkspur

Duchy of The Barad Sea

(no duke or regions at this time)

Duchy of the Silver Lake

Elroth- Duke Alejandro Hurlant, Most Holy Brother of the Way

Barad Gardor- Borin The Brave

Current Knights and Lords (those with Family histories available)

Baron Robin of Arescod

Koenraad of Rynir

Corben Hurlant

Cyrilla Larkspur

Gerhardt de Vere

Sir Corben Hurlant

Hall of Heraldry and Arms

Royal Sharpspeare