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Fall of Falasan

During the War of the Cagilan Empire/Tara/Caergoth/Suville/Talerium/Coria/Norland Alliance versus Minas Ithil/Barony of Makar/Darka/Eston/Falasan Alliance, the region of Lothruin came into the possession of Falasan. Originally neutral at the start of the conflict, Falasan's determination to hold unto the strategically valuable region and other actions favorable to Minas Ithil, etc. prompted her enemies to attack her as well... ending Falasan's neutrality. Unfortunately, it was during this time that Norland chose to join the war against Minas Ithil. Falasan's allies concentrated on destroying the isolated Norland while Falasan, by itself, held the southern front. Massive force was brought to bear against the lone Rabbit Realm and on 2010-01-06 Barad Gardor fell against Coria.


Falasan is a mighty realm who maintains good relations with their neighbors. Falasan's days of peace have recently gone by the wayside and we find that the Cagilan Empire and other realms have declared war upon us. We are currently allied with Minas Ithil and the Ash Sea Islands under a variety of terms. In the past we were allied with the realm of Drachenwald, but they have since slipped into memory.

Queens and Kings having come and gone. Falasan is still a proud realm and will continue to defend itself in the face of oppression. Recent activities have seemingly left Falasan hobbled. That is not true, as time will bear out the truth.

Hierarchy of Falasan

Council Members

Ruler: Lady Ilya Bluelake, Queen of Falasan

General: Sir Leto Atreides, High Marshal of Falasan

Banker: Sir Silverio Soares, Royal Treasurer of Falasan

Judge: Sir Ham Hormondson, Arch Priest of Falasan

Landed Nobility

Duchy of Barad Gardor

Sir Leto Atreides - Duke of Barad Gardor

Lady Chi Motosuwa - Marchioness of Elroth

Sir Silverio Soares - Marquis of Menedor


Many fine noble families are represented in Falasan. The scribes have started to complain about the constant changes that are needed to upkeep the records, so the list has been removed.

Traders of Falasan

Over the years there have been a number of traders in Falasan, for Falasan still welcomes trading as a way to foster a peaceful existence. These traders' names are recorded in other places and need not be named here. Presently Falasan has several excellent traders. They are constantly offering great prices and quality goods, some to be found nowhere else. These traders can be trusted to deal fairly with all.

Falasani Literature

  • Treaties - Treaties developed over the years, have only recently started to be archived.
  • Hall of Remembrance - A Hall for those who have proven themselves invaluable to the Kingdom in the past, and should therefore be honored for all times.
  • Falasan used to have its own newspaper. Peruse the Falasan Inquirer, a source for all your information needs on Eastern Atamara issues. It also stores a few of old and memorable Battle Reports.
  • A Historical Compendium of facts and views about Falasan and Atamara's history. Views of many realms and families are linked here.
Location of Falasan
Continent / Island Atamara
Capital Barad Gardor
Largest City Barad Falas
Government System

High Marshal
Arch Priest
Royal Treasurer


Ilya Bluelake
Leto Atreides
Ham Hormondson
Silverio Soares

Region Numbers 4
Population ca. 28,000 ()