Aylward Family

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The Aylward family is from Rustton, a rural country in the Atamara continent, once in the Abington realm. There are no news from family members in the last years.

  • The first member who brought some renown to the family was Darin Aylward, fighting for Abington against Ash Sea Islands. When Abington collapsed, Darin abandoned Atamara forever. Recently he has been seen in Ethiala, Far East.
  • Sirius Aylward, Darin's brother, serves the Old Rancagua's king, in the East Continent as knight of Oroya.
  • Valton Aylward was rapidly gaining prestige fighting undeads, monsters and other enemies in Ashborn, Beluaterra. Then the Third Invasion came, and Ashborn was no more. Valton found refuge among the friends of Old Grehk, but soon he realized that he was no useful there, so he joined the cause of the newborn Bara'Khur.
  • The youngest member of the family, Lance Aylward, is currently looking for adventure and fortune in Wetham, in the Colonies.