The Order of the Citadel

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"Knowledge is Power"

The Order of the Citadel

The Order of the Citadel is devoted learning more and teaching the following:

o The study of and practice of leadership.
o The study of and practice of warfare.
o The study of and practice of inter-realm relations.

Students learn the fundamentals of select topics and have full access to the dedicated professors, elders and the founder as subject matter experts in almost every discipline stated above, involved mechanics, and many other matters.

Professors are subject matter experts in a variety of disciplines and have excellent records on the field of battle and beyond.

The Elders are veterans in and out of combat and, collectively, there are few situations they cannot solve, few questions they cannot answer.

If you think you would like to be a member of the Order, and have what it takes, you can purchase your way into the Student ranks; however, anything higher than a student requires that you prove your value in a particular discipline. If you are interested, please contact one of the Elders.

If you want to be able to draw on the wealth of knowledge that we can offer you, contact King Andrew McKay in Eston to discuss building a guildhouse in your realm today!

Released Courses

The Fundamentals
Family McKay Course for New Nobles
Troop Leader Training - Scouting & Intelligence Analysis

Command & Leadership Courses
Pre-Command Course
Small Unit Leader's Guide
Individual Army Training - Rally
Individual Army Training - Movement to Contact

Cavalry Tactics

Takeover Strategies

Religion Course

Civil Matters
Holding Tournaments

Diplomacy Course

Citadel Advanced Region Studies Course


Origin: Hawthorne, Atamara
Founder: Sir Andrew, King of Eston
Members: 83

Guildhouse Locations:

Affiliated Guilds:

Affiliated religions: