Troop Leader Training - Scouting & Intelligence Analysis

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Troop Leader Training - Scouting & Intelligence Analysis



TASK: Properly evaluating a scout report

CONDITION: Given a scout report, you will properly determine Total force Combat strength, Total Mobile Combat strength, Total Non Mobile Combat Strength, and Total Combat strengths of all by unit type

STANDARD: To accurately break down a scout report in a timely manner. This is a pass/fail task with no room for error.

MARSHAL NOTES: You will personally train each TL in your Army to evaluate and break down a scout report. This will be their final exam as it is yours.If their report or yours is incorrect in anyway it is an automatic fail and a retest can be given with an alternate scouting. All answers to this test including yours are to be sent to the HM for grading and recording. If a TL fails the second time you are to report why this tl failed to the King and HM and in addition,contact First Degree for remedial training for that troop leader.

HIGH MARSHAL NOTES: You are responsible for grading and recording-this way you can insure accuracy and get breakdowns the way you want them.